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How do you get Doom 3 VR motion controllers to work?

I installed everything just like that Youtube, Palmface, or what ever he's called told me to do. The problem I have though is my keyboard is the only thing that moves me in game, even though the VR option says motion controller sticks. The only thing...

So I get back home in about 8 days

My Rift and Touch are waiting in me but I needed more games to go with themStar Trek bridgecrewElite DangerousDirt Rally. (Roll, pitch, yaw motion chair w/ simvibe for flight and driving games)Eve ValkyrieAirmech CommandTechnolustCall of the starseed...

Morgrum by Level 11
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Open Beta 2: Patch Notes - July 6th, 2017

Hi everyone,We'll soon be releasing an update for our final Open Beta weekend! We've made a number of changes and optimizations and have fixed a large amount of bugs that we hope makes your playing experience even more awesome. We'll be also deployin...

Echo Arena stuck on loading screen

HelloI already played Echo arena without issue. But since today i cant launch the game.. It's stuck on loading screen with "command dos windows" : 1.16.0 build=409268 ... Creating factoryCant access menu to training, process no respond on taskmanager...

ModaxFR by Level 2
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Munkeyx's Sprint-Pult Deck

OverviewThis is the deck I used for to get to HC14 from rank 10+ in a week. It is excellent against low to mid tier game play. I havent used this deck against many of the top 10 players that I know, so I cant truly say this would fair in top tier gam...

Munkeyx by Level 3
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August Sultan Nerf

Hi Dragon Front players, The balance stats we've seen for August Sultan over the last few weeks have proven that the card was broken and required a nerf. Originally we removed the mana fragment from the Stronghold Apostle tokens the Sultan produced i...

Rise of Flight in TriDef VR

Here is what came out of my testing. Basically, I wouldn't bother.No head tracking and it isn't VR at all - it's just 3D on a screen in front of you, like any of the video players or theatres you get. How they can call it "VR" I don't know - I bought...

"Mage's Tale": Game Fails to Launch or Start

I've recently purchased "Mage's Tale" and have encountered the following issue:When I start the game, 4 out of 5 times it "hangs" or gets stuck on the rotating, orange loading sigil. The solo vocal track is not heard and the game hangs indefinitely. ...

Looking for friends to play VR games with.

I made a Discord group for VR gaming on the release of Bridge crew since playing with new random people every time isn't always as fun as when you get to know your team Its also a great experience to play with around 4 other VR gamers in a racing ga...

Arranox by Level 4
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Steam Summer Sale (VR Titles)

This topic will probably be frowned upon on these forums but since the summer sale is on I thought it'd be nice to have a thread about this.So if anyone spots a worthy VR title on Steam during these days please leave a note.Gonna start with Job Simul...

Woeful Woebots 1st impressions! (GIVEAWAY ENDED!)

GIVEAWAY ENDED! are my 1st impressions of yet another robot wave based shooter, but I also have 2 Steam Keys to Giveaway! (Thanks to the Developer)To enter simply like the video and leave a comment in th...

My feedback

First of all, I'm really glad that this game exists, and I hope that one day it will feature cross-platform play between Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PSVR, just like Star Trek: Bridge Crew, because this is one of those little things that made the game q...

Ultimate Booster — Thrill ride for CV1

Good news everyone!GexagonVR proudly presents our new extreme experience — Ultimate Booster.Topseller from TheRIftArcade (#2) and WeArVR finally comes for CV1!Take a ride on a huge 200m (600ft) swing with a breathtaking views of the city under your t...

Google Earth VR

Guess it must be me being blind but how do you exit Google Earth VR in a proper way?I can't find any exit anywhere in the GUI.

How to change the language of specific games?

Hey everyone, quick question. When I launched Riptide for the first time yesterday, I wasn't paying attention and accidentally set the language to German during the first time set up. Now I can't figure out how to change it back. I've tried uninstall...

Question in reference to Oculus App

I own a Samsung Gear VR with controller and I wanted to know if the Oculus app works with a different brand VR headset because I'm interested in buying another one but I still want to keep my gear VR.

Arizona Sunshine high scores reset?

Not sure if this is new or I'm just misremembering, but I somehow got into the top 10 on Undead Valley last night despite only making it to wave 32 and having seen countless videos of players reaching over 1,000 kills on that level. Were the scores r...

Resolved! Ultrawings license mission 6

Hi! I just bought Ultrawings today. I'm finding it very good, but I'm already stuck on mission 6, the final one for taking your license, in which you have to take off, fly and land.I have gold medals in all the previous missions, for a total of $4100...

Drop Dead - Feels Like House Of The Dead In VR you don't want to watch the video, that's cool. Here's a summary:Drop Dead is an Oculus exclusive and is one of those titles that's had my interest for some time. When the Oculus summer sale started and I...