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Project Cars: G25

so I grabbed a G25 from an auction but has the reverse faulty on the shifter but still got for a bargain price.I never played any driving games in the past but saw many good reviews and wanted to try.I downloaded the drivers and went to play the game...

Climb Everest VR wait to try this, I went to base camp a couple of years ago and it was one of the best experiences Ive ever had, such an amazing place. I see this type of thing having a g...

Controlling your PC in Virtual Space

I wanted to move this out of the previous thread, as it didn't really belong anymore. Wanted to share my ideas here and see what others thought. Also to see if there are other apps people are using. The goal...full control of your PC without touching...

dont get the same effect in vr anymore

when i first tried vr the dk1 and dk2 i was amazed and i got that feeling i was on a roller coaster or i was flying really high but now i dont i do not no if its because i am used to it or have been using vr for quite some time but im not amazed by i...

Fated (may contain spoilerers )

Ok brought it last night, Wow cool, bit cartoony but still enjoyed it hugely, the emotions it induces are insane in some parts i.e. driving the wagon and having your daughter beside you is pretty damn intense, never been so determined to not crash or...

Zandil by Level 8
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Check out The Assembly BTS video

Developers nDreams released a new behind the scenes video for their upcoming The Assembly VR game which focuses on the art direction and sound. The video offers a glimpse into the Assembly’s mysterious underground facility using 3D audio, realistic a...

Does EVE Valkyrie use bots in multiplayer?

I've been playing a lot of EVE Valkyrie, and I noticed a few names that I see often such as "Nanna" and "Odin". I always assumed they were real people, but I just watched some gameplay trailers on youtube and saw that those names there. So are these ...

Jose by Level 7
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only Credit Card payment option in the oculus shop???

I want to ask if you plan to add Paysafecard or PayPal in the future (near, NEAR future) because i´m from Germany and here credit Cards aren´t that common and as long as there is only this option i won´t be able to buy any game from the shop and ther...

Savegame data for Rift and Lucky's Tale?

I've been digging around in the program files folder, programdata, even folders under appdata, and so far have been unable to find anything that appears to be a save game file for Lucky's Tale. Is the info saved somewhere in the cloud under my accoun...

JDThird by Level 3
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Logging into Facebook in the Oculus app.

When I get to sync my Facebook videos in the Oculus Video app, it tells me I have to remove my phone and login to Facebook from the Oculus app, only problem is there's nowhere to do this in the app. Any suggestions?

Project cars resolution

Hi what's the best setting I could go for in project cars because I just can't seem to get it right it seems juddery when going fast or there's other racers on the track my PC is Alienware x51 i5-6400 and it's got the nvidia gtx 970 and I'm running i...

BAILEYD by Level 4
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Descent Underground

Hey guys Descent Underground has Oculus support nowAnd it is amazing !i think that is a blockbuster for VR-Gaming

Jotsche by Level 2
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Kittypocalypse is available (with a free demo)

This game is a bit anti-Internet considering the Web's love of kittens, but hey they have a free demo:, to get the Demo Download link to work I had to first click the "Play" button on the site (which launches a video)...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Give me game suggestions

Are there any games in the style of the RPG room? I think that viewpoint has a huge potential, and I would like to play in such an enviroment.I'm definatly going to go that way in my own project

Oculus Video: Downloading Content Decryption Module

Since "Oculus Video" recently updated, I've been unable to watch any content it just hangs on "Downloading Content Decryption Module". I'm unable to find any information about it either. I select the video and out of boredom I take the HMD off, in th...

Skiwee by Level 3
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Ethan Carter config edit?

So I've been playing Ethan Carter standing up and it's a fantastic experience, except that by standing up I'm basically a giant and the world scale is way too small. Is there any way to edit the world scale or set the default camera pos to be lower t...

Enjoying any 2D games in the Steam Theater?

After having beaten 3 VR games (Dead Secret, Farlands, and Technolust) I decided to spend some time with the poor 'ol boring "standard PC games" that I've been neglecting ever since the Oculus Rift made a permanent home on my face (insert unhappy wif...

Zenbane by Level 15
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Arma3 and cv1

Hey guys,anyone knows how to play arma 3 inVR with the CV1?Is VorpX working?Greetz

Xanta91 by Level 3
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Monstrum, any good?

Has any one played Monstrum? Its on sale for £2.99 on steam. I know there is a lot of junk on steam but this looks quite good, its usually £11.99 (again that means nothing).I think it is a kind of like Dreadhalls but the graphics look really nice. Im...

Chronos movement bug

Upon creating my character and playing through the first couple floors I had no issues and the gameplay was great.After shutting down and coming back to it later I am now encountering an issue where my character is sliding all over the screen and NOT...