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Resolved! Quest spiele für Link nochmal kaufen???

Hallo liebe Oculus Community!Mir ist letztens eine interessante Frage in den Sinn gekommen die mich interessiert. Und zwar:Muss man VR Spiele, die man schon auf der Quest gekauft hat (also ohne Kabel z.b. Beat Saber) nochmal im Oculus Store kaufen, u...

Doomz using keys

IHave red and blue keys and am in front of the doors but can't figure out how to use them.The doos don't respond to my using the a button on controller. any help would be appreciated.

Asgard's Wrath - Installation geht nicht

Mahlzeit,habe mir vor 3 Tagen das Spiel Asgard's Wrath gekauft und es über Nacht runtergeladen, wollte es am nächsten morgen installieren und dann kam nur die Meldung das mein Antiviren Programm die Installation verhindert.Trotz deaktivieren und vorü...

Asgards Wrath Stuck

My game is stuck after selecting difficulty and type of movement experience. There are just flames and the game does not continue. Anyone had this problen and knows a fix for this?

Torti91 by Level 2
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No notes or audio

Hello,I tried adding custom music to BoxVR and the game lost all audio. I tried to do the 'Today's workout' but it didn't even play any notes or audio. The menu doesn't play audio either. I tried to validate my files from steam and uninstall and rein...

Titanic VR for the Quest 2

Hi... I am trying to find how to get the Titanic VR app (designed for the Rift) to work in my Quest 2. Thanks in advance for any help or tips!

MJCKMC by Level 2
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There is a red switch that you need to turn on in Ultrawings to start the fuel flow. I find it very hard to flip this switch on to start the plane. I get very discouraged with it and give up most of the time. Does anyone else have this problem? I'd a...

patbit by Level 3
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I want to know why I can’t watch NBA games on my oculus court side. When I watch the games it always shows a oculus view on certain highlights.

Leco183 by Level 2
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Minecraft: Windows Update must be enabled

Hi everyone!I am new to the Rift, and i have some Problems with Minecraft:Everytime i want to start the game, it starts, but shows the line"Windows Update must be enabled. A to Exit"I have no clue what to do. As far as i can see, i have enabled Updat...

Treyarc by Level 2
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Sim wheel with Project Cars

I have a Thrustmaster TMX and like using it for racing games. When I saw project cars on the Oculus store, I started to wonder if there was a way to use my sim wheel with the game while in VR. I have heard of people using it but can't figure out how ...

Open World Sandboxes in VR

Are there any?Are there any that allow you to use the standard pre VR movement keys like WSAD keyboard buttons, space- jump, C- crouch, etc, etc. I know I don't want to stand to play these type games, and I'd prefer to move myself instead of teleport...

I cant confirm my purchase

Hi Im at the moment trying to buy the game Robo Recall and it wont let me confirm my purchase in the oculus store.First it says in the app that i need to go into my browser, so i did that. In the browser i put in my creditcard information no problem...

Technolust – How do you get out of the apartment?

it seems like it should be obvious to figure out how to get out of your own apartment, but in Technolust, in the very first scene of the game, I tried everything (I even got "Moon men from outer space" to play on the TV) but I can't figure out how to...

Elite Dangerous launch error in Rift S

I've not played ED for a couple of months, although I did let Oculus do the January ED updates. Now, whenever I launch in VR or desktop mode using the Oculus launcher I get 'Unhandled exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object' w...

CGH001 by Level 4
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Wander very slow on Quest 2 #Wander

HiI love the app - great for lockdown - but loads screens rather slow which makes the whole experience less cool. I have stable fast broadband and not streaming while in Wander. Are there any wonder router settings that I could apply to make it fast ...

Premium Bowling trigger function unnecessary

Got the Quest 2 last week and overall very happy with it. Premium Bowling was the game I was most looking forward to but I'm finding it an exercise in frustration due to the trigger button function. The fact that you have to release it precisely at t...