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Oculus DK 2 fitness VR game

Porco Grande,I am very proud to present level 3 of "PORCO GRANDE VR" after one and half year of work I have The VR experience I dreamed of.Everybody who thinks it's a little bit high impact..... this is level 3 only for the initiated. Level 1 an 2 ar...

Flyinside for oculus rift + fsx +p3d kickstarter

There's only hours left to back this project so please consider doing so. Hope it's ok to post this, please delete if not appropriate. I have no connection to the project but can vouch for the quality of the software, being a user of a preview versio...

Zunfix by Level 3
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LiveViewRift compatible with DirectMode of DK2!!!!

Dear all, First of all I would like to give deep congratulations to the author of LiveViewRift. This software is so convenient, user friendly with DK2 for viewing photo, vedio etc. Is it possible for viewing Photo with Direct Mode of DK2 under normal...

Arma 3 set up guide

Well I finally bit the bullet and set up Arma 3 with my dk2, I already had Vorpex thanks to having to buy GTA 5.I found a guide which absolutely set it up perfectly, its all in this guide so I thought id post it.Arma 3 is pretty cool because you do a...

bud01 by Level 3
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Is "Henry" still supposed to be released today? My daughter is really looking forward to trying it out, can't wait to check it out as well.

World of Diving.

Has anyone tried this? I might purchase it if it's any good. I liked Ocean Rift and this is suppose to be a better experience.

RedRizla by Level 16
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Holy Crap I'm posting again about Grid Autosport

Everyone, I'm telling you. THis game is freakin phenomonal in the rift, I have every racing game that works with the rift and not a single one of them work as good as this does and when you set the res to 4k using DSR options it makes night and day d...

RC Playground - Demo (Released)

Hello,I am happy to announce that RC Playground - Demo version 1.05 has been released today!- Game has been updated to v1.11***** D-Pad allows you to walk around in the game. Analog sticks control your...

Rawd by Level 2
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[RELEASED] VROOM: Aerie on Steam

Immerse yourself in a spectacular luxury apartment full of magic for you to explore!Now with improved graphics and performance! wonders await you: - Soak-in the atmosphere of an aesthetically-beautiful envi...

Can't get Stage Presence to work...

I just bought Stage Presence, and for some reason it doesn't show up on the Rift when I start it in VR mode - it just shows up on the computer screen. Anyone else having this problem?Update: Just realized I need to have a 980 - I have a 750. But I wa...

jgav8 by Level 2
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Mirror's edge with Vireio is AWESOME

Anyone with a rift has to check out mirrors edge with the latest Vireio beta!On the first sceen of the story mode, as you are waking across the pipe, look down.Also does anyone know how to slow down the mouse look? Its vomit city after about 20 min.

Steam Beta support for Euro Truck Simulator 2?

I've scoured the net for the answer to this question, and I only found one person saying that there is support. But, when I go to the Beta tab under Properties, there are no betas in the dropdown menu. Can anyone confirm either way whether there is a...

jgav8 by Level 2
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Stage Presence - Become a (Virtual) Rock God!

Some of you may remember my old DK1 demo "Stage Presence". Well, I've turned it into a full game! Stage Presence puts you and your band on stage at a music festival. Your bands equipment fails and you have to use the only working microphone on stage ...

1 million worth idead for devs of scary games

Just played 2 scary games. I think i need to get checked my heart now :lol: Scary games are too scary cause you are alone in there. So make some ai companion that you can push infront of you when you are scared. Better make 4 so that you can have hum...

Raceroom Racing Experience has early DK2 support

By adding -vr to Raceroom Racing Experience you can try the DK2 offering. Came across it by chance but it does work. It seems very early and there's a few things to note. Works in extended mode with Rift as primary monitor. I used OBS to mirror to he...

starconflict and fov

heyaim playing starconflict and i have 2 say i rly like itin mean starconflict is for now one of the best multiplayergames in the rifthere you have a real chance to mess with other players (without oculus) sure - there a some bugs , handicaps but you...

GTA:V: What is the latest on R* banning this?

Hi all, I finally purchased vorpX and i'm tempted to try GTA:V with it. However i've read how Rockstar was banningthe use of any mod files, and for VR to work well with GTA:V, it's a must to use a program like 'Flawless Widescreen'to widen the FOV. P...

Undergraduate Autism Design help needed

Hello, I am a Undergrad bioengineering student at FGCU :geek: . I am currently looking for a design team, that will help me with making a program to help kids with autism. I would love to see any work that you have already created, if any, and I woul...

Toy Plane Heroes is now on Steam Greenlight

Hey guys,we are finally ready for Steam Greenlight with our VR Game Toy Plane Heroes and we also made our first official trailer! ... =473154579If you like the game please vote for us. We appreciate every single...

Sports games direct to rift

Hello,I'm looking for some sports games that work Direct to Rift, I am looking for Golf, Bowling, Soccer, Pool, Darts, mostly, but I would really appreciate if you can post me some download links.Thanks a lotE

EDWINP by Level 2
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RiftSketch: A live-coding environment in HTML5

RiftSketch is based on troffmo5's excellent OculusStreetView application. I took his base code and turned it into a live-coding environment. The idea is that you code a "sketch" in JavaScript, using the Three.js library, and the scene in front of you...

GuitarGeeksVR - Playing Guitar in VR

Do we have any guitar players around here? Probably not many, so this might not be something of much interest for the VR community in general. But before I post this in one of the big guitar communities it would be great to get some feedback from the...

TF2 and runtime

Some runtime versions ago I could get perfect judderless gameplay in TF2, but now it either stutters when launched via regular steam, or there's screen tearing when launched via SteamVr.Has anyone got a recipe for perfect smooth gameplay?

Wildt by Level 12
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SPOILER ALERT:I couldn't help it, I didn't want to finish this but one thing led to another. So don't watch past the ballad part of the video (right in the middle) if you don't want to know how to complete the mission.

Allison Road, a homage to Silent Hills and PT - freaky!

This game looks very similar to PT, which was the teaser for Silent Hills (cancelled) on PS4. "Allison Road is an upcoming horror game described by the creator as an homage to Silent Hills and its standalone teaser PT"According to this IGN article it...

ral1239 by Level 2
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'Salvaged' brings Squad-based sci-fi strategy to VR

I'm a bit of a lurker here but hello! I work for a 15-person games studio by the name of Opposable Games in Bristol, UK. We make VR, PC and connected screen games, and we're behind the SouthWest VR Conference. I wanted to let you know a bit about our...

Vector Flying Game

Here's a Little flying game I've been screwing around with, it's very early in well with a xbox controller.Download it here, ... file%2crarLet me know what you think.

kaizerj by Level 2
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