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Resolved! PCVR games for the quest 2

We need to get the game “Attack On Quest” (Attack on quest is for PCVR) onto the Oculus Quest 2 platform for people to purchase in store, getting this game would attract more attention to the Oculus Quest 2 and have more business for Facebook/Oculus

Lone Echo II launches October 12! (delayed from August 24)

YAY! It is a Rift exclusive game, but supports Quest via Link/Airlink. From today until the launch, Lone Echo 1 is reduced to $9.99us. Lone Echo was ...

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Refund page is broken?

Hi,I'm trying to request refund for a game at which is showing error message now.Does Oculus still allow people to refund unwanted purchases?Thanks..

Auto Oculus Touch v0.1.7 (Latest release 11 Jan 2021)

AutoOculusTouch is a library and script for AutoHotKey. It allows you to read the state of oculus controller devices (Touch, Remote or XBox controller) from within an AutoHotKey script.DownloadsBinary release -

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Audio trip crashing

Anyone know why when I try to play audio trip it just exits back to the store? Not played it for a couple months I updated the game and now it just goes back to the store. Iv u installed it reinstalled it, hard reset etc and still not working. Any he...

elphick by Level 2
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Oculus Venues and Quest 2

I have Oculus Venues installed on my q1, but for some reason I don't seem to be able to find it in q2 store. Why is this, could be something to do with my region? I live in Sweden.

Oculus Venues Region Locked?

Hi, i was really thrilled when the oculus app on my phone showed me that there will be a show of major lazer in oculus venues. after seeing diplo at the virtual burning man i would love to see the major lazer show in venues. so i used my quest, opene...

List of Rift killer apps and games by user ratings

To get an overview, here're lists of the highest rated games and apps for the Oculus Rift. If you're new to the Rift, maybe these lists can be of inspiration - and maybe even old-timers can find stuff they've overlooked... To be included at least 40 ...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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The high-end Myst PCVR version: Reviews and impressions

This is just a copy of a post I made in another thread, but few read such replies, and this game deserves more attention. I consider this one of the major PCVR releases this year. Seems other Index owners agree - my post about the game has been upvot...

ss_5d8c01be7f86daeff25aada94b6f2defec2e487e.1920x1080.jpg ss_254d4b2d3432e24df05a737fb64cc41ff1692f64.1920x1080.jpg ss_749f09c0da139a3dcd0085ff6e08e6c645ef5515.1920x1080.jpg ss_73211ba42e9e2c13ea81d8a410c3dc46093ba4fb.1920x1080.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Oculus quest 2 sidequest

Having problems connecting my side quest 2 I plugged in my usb c cable my developer is active when I go activate sidequest sidequest wont show up as usb device how do I fix this

when will oculus games license big names?

Hey. So ive been having fun with the oculus quests for years. But I was wondering, what would be the main reasons that no big companies/names have developed games for VR yet? I keep thinking how amazing a good high budget pokemon game would be.. or M...

Al_Dub by Level 2
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Foreground show nothing while using OBS

Using the Mixed Reality Capture tool with Oculus Quest 2 and Quest I followed the MRC setup guide, I was stuck by the last step.Pic 1 is from the setup guide, Pic 2 is mine.....i can not choose the quest IP, it seems no signal to fix tha...

Hrui_2-1632105630745.png Hrui_1-1632105590312.png Hrui_0-1632105190606.png
H-rui by Level 2
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New music game on Oculus

Hello guys!I Just wandered on and I’ve seen a new VR game for Oculus Quest This game is “Dancing Beat on Video” (APP LAB) base on YouTube videos that you choose. The game will analysis and generate notes based on beats of the song als...

image_004_0011.jpg ss3-720.png
calral by Level 2
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Half Life: Alyx am really looking forward to this. Sure it isn't Half Life 3 but it's something huge for VR.

Galaxy’s Edge

Probably being silly, but I installed the update and bought ‘Last Call’ and now I don’t seem to have the original Galaxy’s Edge on my Quest 2.