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App refund

How do I receive a refund for an app that doesn’t work? I paid $60 for a lifetime subscription to the Tripp app. Still every time I try to use the app, it takes me to the subscription page!!!! I can only watch the “sample” ???

mdeco by Level 2
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Robo recall Star Wars Mod

Robo Recall Starwars Mod, made for fun as a challenge from a friend.PLEASE NOTE, the only weapon is a light saber on your RIGHT HIPOther weapons are to follow, please select PISTOL in the gun selection.Currently this is a test version, AI are not tha...

tonsta31 by Level 7
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Moss 2 How to Dash

It's been driving me nuts but I cannot figure out how to get Quill to dash in Moss 2. What are the controller buttons and action to get this to happen??

beat saber redeeming

my brother bought the quest 2 for me from another country but he tested it first and got the free beat saber on his account then he factory reseat it and send it to me and i made a new accountso how to get the free beat saber in my account thanks

Poker Stars VR Polishing Chips Stuck

So i tried to play Poker Stars VR today and i can't because the Polishing Chips message is on the screen for like.... well all the time. It's annyoing because i was just about to get my 100k win from sports betting. Am i the ONLY person who has this?

Can't access sale price on games?

I created another account for my household. On my account there are several games that are on sale, but on this secondary account there are none that are on sale, they are all regular price. Any idea why the sale price would only be available on one ...

Dave.12 by Level 2
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Beat Saber Modding

Hi. I’ve been looking at modding beat saber using BMBF on sidequest but I only want to do so if it’s allowed so does anyone know if your allowed to mod beat saber. Also, how do I know which mods are allowed and which mods aren’t? Would appreciate it ...

Resolved! Horizon worlds availability in Belgium

Hi Ryan, I hope i'm not in the wrong place to ask this question but do you have any idea when Horizon worlds will release in Belgium? It looks really awesome and that's the reason i bought the Quest 2. I wanna enter the metaverse.

Kingspray Graffiti VR - Music ?

Hello,I would like to know if today it is possible to listen to music in Kingspray Graffiti Sur Quest 2.I've seen old topics that say no, but a year later, is it still not possible?Because there is a player built into the phone of the game, I hope it...

Roblox Joystick Rotation Forced

As I have played Roblox in VR, I've noticed that some games have different camera controls. I noticed that newer games use head turning for the camera with the vignette, while older games use the right joystick to turn and lag a vignette. The joystic...

Bread08 by Level 2
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I need help in Horizons

I tried to get help earlier this week. Support suggested I log out of every instance to get Horizons to work. Did that, still nothing. For a $400 device shouldn’t this work. I may just have to return it? This is a new headset, new Meta account.

Sharing my purchased games with my friend

I have shared my purchased games with my friend by creating another account on my headset. He has done the same with his games to another account and his headset. Our problem is that we cannot play against each other in the same game that we have sha...

Can’t get into horizon world

Tried customer support where they stated I needed to be United States resident, Facebook account, over the age limit, no vpn, and my friend down the block can access hers. Customer support gives me the run around I’m not sure if my device is defectiv...

Berlin Blitz

Has anyone loaded 1943 Berlin Blitz on the Quest 2. We used this VR on the Oculus Go at our museum but now have the Quest 2 but I can't seem to find Berlin Blitz to use on the Quest 2 for some reason

Onward height adjustment on Quest 2

So my height is way to tall to reach floor to pick up ammo and weapons.My holster weapons, ammo and knife is way low too easily reach anything. Map/Tablet and radio too.The height slider in game settings does not change anything in game. I cannot fig...

1Jobe by Level 4
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Horizon Worlds Australian Release?

Given Horizon Venues has been discontinued, when will Australian users have access to Horizon Worlds? We have been waiting a considerable time and I am unable to join with my overseas friends which is a real pity.

Beat Saber Free

I set up my occulus quest 2 and got beat saber Free, but I was just using a temporary account and planned to factory reset and make a new one once meta accounts became available. Now I don't have Beat Saber on the account I intended to use. Any work ...