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Lets See Your Medium Sculpts

Hi all,I haven't seen much on this forum about Medium. I've been using it since Adobe took over. I'm totally addicted to it and I've been busy learning how to model.I would like to see other people's sculpts and hear their thoughts about Medium. Here...

Meet V -- A in-game app overlay for VR multi-tasking

Hey guys,We just launched a public beta for our new in-game dashboard called V! (Yes, just the letter)With V you can launch apps like Twitch, Youtube, and Spotify from directly inside your VR game. can down...

HelloV by Level 2
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Arizona Sunshine The Damned - What to do?

It's' strange after going down the wooden planks. There's not one of the undead there, and the next door does not open. There's nothing to do, no keys to collect or anything. A bug? What can i do? Also the door seems to be upside down. The handle is ...

Sending/receiving invitations for multiplayer games

Maybe this question has already been answered, but here it is: Where do I find my invitations to join a party? I looked under notifications, not there. It seems like I'm the one who has to send them every time. Also, sometimes we can talk/hear each o...

no tengo mis juegos

Acabo de comprarme otra pc el problema es que ya puse mi cuenta de oculus y todo pero no tengo los juegos que tenia y me dice que los tengo que comprar

plz help vr don't work

Same problem. I first downloaded it from oculus home, thinking that was it. press start, nothing happens. So I bought the game from Microsoft store, start the game fine, But no VR. Try to start simultanly in oculus home, thinking mabe it needs to run...

Ohshape custom songs and copyright

I'm thinking of take the time to create some custom songs for use in Ohshape using their editor for this but I'm concerned about copyright. I don't want to do all the work to only have the songs I edit for Ohshape to be taken down. I do notice though...

Population one; lobby and squads

Hi there I'm new in that game and i'm wondering what the lobby (pre game area) is good for. What to do there? Is it only for waiting of games starting?And how are squads be built? I mean sometime there are 14 enemies and only 2 team mates. Ist that a...

Pokerstars VR

Try this if you haven't done it yet. It's totally free to play and it's all just play money. The game looks gorgeous and plays really well. You play with other people live and it's a trip. You don't have to be any good at poker to enjoy this.

new game in libary did not purchase

Hello, i have a game called Asgard wrath it says i purchased the game 6 days ago. that's the day i bought the quest 2. i only bought 1 game which was the exorcist legion that day. it only shows up in quest library and pc. i am the only one that uses ...

2 player games

My wife and I both have our own Quest 2 gear and accounts. If we want to play a 2 player game, do we both need to purchase the game or can we play together off 1?

Larnan by Level 2
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Resolved! Newbie Needs help buying games in advance

I ordered my Quest 2 but i want to buy some games in advance to catch the Black Friday sale but every time I try to purchase something it wants me to add in a PIN # I assume to the headset I don't yet have. is there a way to buy games before the head...

Mic not working on Zero Caliber

Hello,My friend and me are trying to use mic in Zero Caliber (Oculus Link with Oculus quest 2 ) using the trigger button to our ears, but it not work. And in the audio options, mic options is greyed so we can't choose between Always on or Always off....

Sewayn by Level 2
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