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Game Give Away! (Slender: The Arrival)

Hey Rifters this is the second give away I have done, unfortunately I can't afford to give everyone this game but every one has a equal chance at winning it. For more info watch the above video! I really enjoyed this game, I haven't had a chance to f...

Volo Airsport

Firstly I have nothing to do with this game... I'm just raising awareness and hopefully giving the author some encouragement.I saw a Oculus 3d video of a Wingsuit simulator on YouTube, and thought I'd check to see if the game was out yet, it isnt, bu...

StuPer by Level 2
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Facility 426 Crowd funding

Hello allCrew design Ltd is pleased to announce the video walkthrough for our upcoming game Facility 426. Please click on this link to view the video. game will have full Oculus Rift i...

Craziest games/gamemodes to play the rift with?

Hi,I've been trying out the Rift with a lot of games and love it. Two of the games I've been playing with Tridef are Counter-Strike Source, and Garry's Mod - but not the normal gamemodes. Rather, I've had the most fun playing the games that would see...

Just played HL2 for two hours straight w/Rift

I just finished a 2 hour continuous session of Half-Life 2 and I my mind is blown. I'd say it is the best gaming experience currently available. It reminds me of the first time I played Quake 1 with a 3DFX card. Just, wow. Intense, beautiful, and gra...


SHORT DESCRIPTIONIn VRInvestigation, you play as a detective looking for clues in order to find the murderer of four persons between seven suspect. The game is finished and ready to play!You can buy the game here for 1 dollar:English version:https://...

AntoineR by Level 2
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Tridef help with Outlast. (/w video)

Need some help guys, in the above video I've done and plan to finish a let's play for Outlast, only issue is the shadows it seems in the video, but perhaps something more, the bit where I am crawling to the end of the ventilation shaft is a prime exa...

Rift Coaster help....

Hello, I'm getting some demos ready for my soon to arrive oculus (just got my processing soon email, YAY)Having a problem with rift coaster. When trying to launch it, I get an error stating "you must have at least windows xp service pack 3 installed"...

FALSE by Level 2
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Heli-Hell among others trouble with joystick

So my ideal heli configuration is what I used to dominate on Battlefield 3.A/D for yaw or "turning"Edit: W/S for throttleJoystick X axis for rollJoystick Y axis for pitchThis gave me really high fidelity control. So far, I haven't found a single demo...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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TF2 Patch update help

Just played the new version with vr option in game, and ui additions are nice but resolution has taken a huge hit, graphics are now a lot more blury. game does not look nearly as good as it did when I was able to run it at 1080p up scaled on the rift...

enzo by Level 2
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DoD source and LF4D2 ect

Had the rift for 2 and a bit days now so thought I'd give some games a bash. (Have loved every demo so far)Left for dead is great fun despite the res.Day of defeat runs well to, I suffered a lot because its been ages since I've played and it would be...

Half Life 2 Control

Hi Everyone,Got my oculus rift recently and after starting up HL2 I was amazed at how immersive it was. Unfortunately one of things that throws it off and brings on the nausea for me is the jerkyness of the controller with the rift. I'm using an XBox...

deadeye by Level 2
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[Panocam 3d - video] Plane ride 3D

First test with my panoramic 3d cam : : http://www.panocam3d.comADVICE FOR USE:- Allows total immersion by limiting the field of view in a sitting position:VRPLAYER SETTING :File ...

Edego by Level 2
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Simple Oculus particle demo (Linux only).

I updated a particle demo I originally wrote back in '96 to work with the Oculus.It's still only first pass, I have not tuned any of the stereo parameters, nor have I worked on the VR-UX yet.It currently only compiles on Linux (Tested on Ub12.04LTS)....

tweakoz by Level 2
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Star Wars Squadrons

Hello everyone.Myself and two others are developing a Star Wars space combat simulator on our spare time.You can download the game from here:!850nlSSb!EVjZOVVwlpiPcg9yXe23i3TV1RAvsTBHh0NlpEaJHl0Warning: Flying the star fighter req...

flodihn by Level 2
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Take on Helicopters simulator

Hi,Ive been trying to get this game to work on Oculus so far Ive:Ive set my screen resolution in the game to 1280X1024 Seems to work well on most games with oculusI have downloaded Vireo perception newest version 1.1.0Ive installed the 3 .dll files i...

Hawken gets oculus support

patch will be released 5 september.:black_medium_small_square:We're pleased to announce that this update will include alpha level Oculus Rift support! This feature is very much still in development, and we're looking forward to hearing your feedback!...

Emvy- by Level 2
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Morrowind Tridef setup

I have a good handle on setting this up but with one big problem. When I look around, up and down, the image just stretches. Its like the image is semi anchored to something and pulls and distorts to accomodate me looking up. I am not sure what I can...

davidjc by Level 2
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Problem Running TF2

Hey, all: I downloaded the orange box version of TF2 on steam (not the beta, the actual tf2) and added the command line -vr, but TF2 is not working properly. The valve/steam logos are in normal 1200x800 resolution, as are the menus. When I get into t...

mikesig by Level 2
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Half Life 2, Linux, and Oculus

I've asked once in the main HL2 topic, but received no response so far, so I'll create a thread just for HL2, Linux, and Oculus, and maybe somebody might respond.According to Valve, HL2 now supports Oculus, and it supports Linux. I am trying to find ...

Revenge VR - Level 1

Dear friends,I did a first level of a maze game and that the idea is to evolve to more challenges in the next levels.Any feedback is welcome, both positive and negative.The idea is to create something of type FPC-First Person Challenge, i.e. a first ...

Halloween Treat - Tales from the Rift

Happy Halloween!This is posted in my WIP thread, but thought I would make a post here as well for visibility, and since I consider this 'Halloween Treat' version a 'complete' demo.I've released a 'Halloween Treat' version of Tales from the Rift, with...

Caine by Level 2
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War thunder menu's too high

When I use my rift with war thunder the menu's are way too high and off the top of the screen meaning I can't see anything and therefore cannot play the game Has anyone else had this problem?

Probably Archery Demo

Get the Demo hereWe've just finished up the demo of the full version of what started as our 7DFPS game jam game, Probably Archery.Inspired by games like QWOP and Surgeon Simulator, you have control of the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints of your left...

MattCarr by Level 2
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