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Ebook reader

I am already afraid from the answer but there is no harm trying.Here I go.Does Oculus Quest 2 have or will have any app that would make reading ebooks an immerse experience.I mean like nice places (forest, Ocean stuff like that) and some good music o...

Multi-player for two headsets on the same account

Hello, I cannot seem to find a post on this so maybe it has alreadty been answered. I have two headsets on the same account and I want to do multi-player on Real VR Fishing game but there does not seem to be a way to invite the second headset to play...

FS2020 VR Closed Beta

Don't know how old this news is - and haven't seen it posted here, but this is the info: required specs are not that high, which is very encouraging.


So I used to be able to cast video from my PC to my oculus go using Skybox. Skybox is no longer around and it keeps asking for a username and password for some reason. Anyone else having this issue and know how to fix it? Or is there another free pro...


I'm finding it next to impossible to find the correct avenue to get a refund for an app purchase. Can someone please help ?

search of apps "cat" does not product desired result

When I first powered up the oculus it suggested I go into a video entitle something like "cats playground". I really liked that and I'd like to be able to find it again. But when I go into apps and search for cat it doesn't come up with anything. Is ...

Vajra1 by Level 2
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Watching Films - Listening to Music on Quest - Noob

Hi, I'm totally new to VR and just got my Quest 2 this week.Can I watch movies such as mp4 files or whatever that I load on myself? What about listening to music?I can't see a file directory "inside" so don't know where they would be, how to access t...

Superhot Achivements

Has anyone managed to get 26/26 achievements on the oculus scoreboard for SUPERHOT VR? I have 25/26 and can't figure out what I'm missing. The remaining one says only 0.1% of people have completed it. From doing research I think it might be the 'Chos...

Not installing oculus app

Just want to let oculus know... The oculus app wouldn't install on my pc. Twice it said unexpected error and to try restarting. From a quick search it looks like oculus suggest reinstalling OS and trying again. I'm not doing that for an app and I don...

Virtual Desktop Purchase Not Showing Up

I purchased virtual desktop in May and received the receipt to my email. Now with my new Quest 2 I tried to run it but my purchase is not reflected in the store? It doesn't say start. It just the purchase price again for 13.99. My other purchases are...

Content search function on website.

Why does Oculus lack a proper search and filter function on their website to search through the available content? It drives me up the wall that Oculus does not provide a useful filter like e.g. Sony does for the PlayStation VR. I have the feeling th...

dajo360 by Level 2
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Project Starship

Hi Community,Just have downloaded "Project Starship 0.81" and tried to play it with Quest-1 and Link / VD.The one and only problem is - I can not really use "Virtual HOTAS"When activating this feature in the settings the stick and Throttle show up in...

Elite Dangerous voice packs, which is best?

I've just purchased voice attack and saw that you can get voice packs for Elite Dangerous. Does anyone know which one is the best one to get, if you use these voice packs yourself?

RedRizla by Level 15
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Shadow Point Astralabe Last Puzzle Bug

One of the last puzzles is getting the camera from the mirror side. I did that and dropped it for other puzzles thinking it was in my bag. The camera will not respawn and is nowhere. Is there any fix to this besides starting the whole game over.

Apps Being Discontiued Soon!

As a consumer of yours, I got wind of CANCELLATION of NEW apps to Oculus GO Platform...Sad days ahead! So I am reaching out to the Oculus community to "Ask" for a BIG customer appreciation discount based on our untimely DEPARTURE for services!:( Alot...

DefaultName in Elven Assassin using Oculus Rift S

How do I change my name in Elven Assassin? When loading a multiplayer game, I see a quick flash that says something like, unable to retrieve user name (paraphrase), and then my name in the game is "DefaultName."Also, why can't I level up or keep my g...

Cant install beatsaber

Im getting message that oculus isnt compatible with my system but i meet the requirements, before asking for refund will try to sound off here on what the issue could be.ComponentRecommended SpecsMinimum SpecsProcessorIntel i7Graphics CardNVIDIA GTX ...