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(Rift Demo Download) Architectural Visualization

Here's the demo download: since my dev kit arrived, I've been having a blast doing architectural visualization demos. This one...

Architecture in Motion - sketch build

I've been having a blast sketching out different Rift concepts, and wanted to share a build. It's just a quick demo, not polished at all, but the idea with this build is to look at some ways to accentuate the sense of presence, and the perceived ‘wei...

Zombie Shooter Demo

Just received my kit, tried all the demos out there and I'm very impressed! The sense of being in the game and scale of objects around you is something I wasn't prepared for.------------------------------------------------------Thought I'd riftify a ...

rumphiz by Level 2
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Team Fortress 2 Screen Rotation Issue Patched

After seeing Half-Life 2 had been updated yesterday, I checked TF2...Turns out the rotation bug fixed in HL2 has now been applied to Team Fortress 2! (Due to a slight rotation of the entire screen Rift users felt a bit nauseous while playing and cros...

tmek by Level 4
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best PC game with rift support?

I don't own any of the games that support the rift so far. I'm mostly a console gamer so I just don't have very many PC games.I was thinking of getting either Half Life 2, Mirror's edge or Dear Esther, maybe Skyrim.Just wondering if any of the suppor...

usb420 by Level 2
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Congratulations to Among the Sleep

Yeay, with three days to go the Kickstarter is a success!Among the SleepWith basic rift implementation already included, this game is a must own for all VR heads. And since your going to buy it anyway, might as well get it within the next three days ...

arepass by Level 2
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Cliff Dive Demo

I made this with Unity and i thought it was pretty fun, so im adding it on here for you guys to try out, i will soon have the oculus version and the razer hydra, as this is pretty much my unity tester map ... its still a work in progress, so u have t...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Central link list of Oculus-ready Games and Demos

Thought I would consolidate since some links are a few pages deep. Feel free to delete this if you do not feel it is of use:1) Tuscany Demo with Hydra support (Sixsense)Download/Instructions: The Museum of the ...

Doom3 BFG - fixed crash gl_Color

Hey all,I was encountering issues Doom 3 BFG on my Rift. During startup, I would get errors saying "gl_Color" or "gl_FrontColor" variable not found. The issue only happened for the Oculus Rift version, not the Steam binary.The issue was down to a gra...

kingtut by Level 2
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Project EX.US

Hi to all, me and my friends are working on a pc-game named Project EX.US.our intention is to implement the 'oculus rift' as soon as possible. (in june?  )Here you can see our works.our site Steam

nellus by Level 2
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Changing movement speed in Oculus World

In OculusUnityDemoScene, 7 and 8 change movement speed. I find ~0.3 to be comfortable for a walking pace (vs 1.0 default). Standing up and walking around is this demo makes it more convincing.Is there a simple way to change movement speed in OculusWo...

Demo videos?

Just unboxed my rift and I'm very excited! Naturally, the very first thing I, and probably many people who get it, want to do is see a 3D virtual world.So I was thinking, what's the fastest, easiest way to do that? Maybe a youtube video, custom tailo...

gabe by Level 2
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Museum of the Microstar Rift VR Demo

Museum of the Microstar Demo is one of the best VR demo's for the Rift I have seen yet. Give it a shot and have a look around. These guys have done great work in such a short time.

IM0001 by Level 4
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Snowy marketplace demo?

Does anyone know which demo was being shown at CES with the snow and the knights walking around? I've tried to search for it but I just keep coming back up with Epic Citadel and that doesn't appear to be the same thing at all. Is this one available s...

lja83 by Level 2
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Unity Island Demo Rift Version

Thought the Island Demo project for Unity 2 would be cool to see in VR.I didn't take the time to do a proper fix, just fixed a few script errors, lightmapped, changed water etc.Download:

dbaker by Level 3
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xbox controller in HL2?

Hi,I love HL2 with the Rift. But I'd like to play free'd from the keyboard.Can anyone tell me how to enable the XBox controller?I tried "exec 360controller" and it installed but the controller doesn't work.Thanks!

Rift Racer V 0.1

Just wanted to share the very first prototype of Rift Racer. This version is a very very early protoype to test out how it feels to drive in a F355 Spider and crash into stuff, go airborne when driving over jumps, adjust Physics, get warm with Rift d...

Fireball audio visualizer for Oculus Rift.

Hello,I'm working on this audio player while I wait for my Rift to arrive. I'd like some feedback on the Fireball Oculus Rift visualizer. Does it even work? Thank you. Chrome browser required:

VR with 3D holophonic sound

I made a demo with some audio technique, 3D holophonic sound. I note you that this only works with headphones or at least earphones.Using the experimental data which maps the transfer functions of human auditory system, I show you real-time 3D holoph...

Battle of Zarnowitz demo

HiWe are working on a digital "battle reenactment" project that will hopefully serve as an educational tool and will demonstrate the course of historic battles. When we first heard about the Rift we got really exited because the device would give us ...

karel by Level 4
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Guillotine Simulator - Is the Dev here?

Sorry if this has already been posted or mentioned elsewhere (I personally couldn't find it on these forums) but I just HAD to share this video/article with everyone - This looks CRAZY! lol.

ReT by Level 2
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Rift + Hydra = Flying like a Hero

I made a post with a video over here: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=552This is the slightly refined demo: Lessons:Calibration:Works by just calibrating the left side, 4 red spheres will appear at each calibration po...

Dogfight Elite but we need your help!

Hi there!Dogfight Elite, a historical & educational WWI & WWII multiplayer flight simulator supports Oculus Rift.Imagine flying on your Albatros or your Mustang P51d and just looking around in search of your enemies! That's what is possible in Dogfig...

We have a beta site for viewing stereoscopic 3D panoramas here; panorama is 18 billion pixels and all of the others panoramas are all over a hundred million pixels. Many others have been created but not posted because this i...

jtoeppen by Level 2
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How to set IPD?

Hi there, I wonder how can I set my IPD in all the Unity Demos and in Oculus World? When pressing space I can see a default setting of 64 mm (I have 59). Does anyone know how to change this?Thank you,Spyro

spyro by Level 4
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