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Replacement Save Files for Lone Echo Progression Issues

Hey guys and gals,Here is a list of Lone Echo Master Key Save files (consecutively ordered) that will allow you to progress past any game blocking bug that you may have encountered along your zero-g journey, such as not being able to socket a fusion ...

rad_mars by Level 3
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New arrivals in the Rift Store

EDIT: Old title for this thread was: "Rift Store has not been updated with new content for a month - never happened before" But to give new Rift arrivals more focus and attention, I've change the title  Old and original post: For the last 5 years, I...

RuneSR2 by Level 15
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buying games

If I buy a game on the computer platform, do I also have to buy it on the glasses platform?  

Screenshot_20220822-185927.png IMG_20220822_190204530.jpg

Wander has lost its appeal.

Now that personal photos have been taken off Wander a lot of its freedom has been lost. We must now stick to where the sanctioned cameras take us and many, many out of the way and mysterious places have gone. This strikes me as a great pity and the a...

Performance issues in Beat Saber

I've been using my Quest 2 for one and a half years, thinking I don't have enough experience to play Beat Saber. I tested the game on 3 different computers and it's all the same. I'm able to play 2 songs just fine and every song following that has pe...

Resolved! Poker Stars VR

Hi i have been enjoying Poker Stars but i can't get it to load at the moment? When loading it has a message under the banner saying, "No internet connection, Closing in 5 seconds" it then takes me back to my home? Every other app i have works so i do...

Karnage Chronicles is now FULLY LAUNCHED!

Hi everyone!It finally happened, after a long time in Early Access we have fully released Karnage Chronicles. It has been quite a ride creating a VR Action RPG of the depth and size it turned out to be with a small team. The game is much larger than ...

Resolved! You are not eligible for Workrooms

I've recently created a facebook account after receiving my Quest 2. I'm not a gamer, I want to use my Quest 2 for Horizon Workrooms (I work remotely). I'm able to create a room and enter it but I cannot invite peeps to join my room. Any help wold be...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Dance Central on Quest won't save

Hello,i bought Dance Central on my Quest, but it seems that it won't save any progress... everytime i have to restart from 0.I already tried to unistall and reinstall the game but it just won't save.I also have Beat Saber on it and my scores and prog...

FuReSy by Level 2
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Problem with the sound of Lone Echo

Hey guys. I have a sound problem with Lone Echo, because there is no sound. not even voices. I've reinstalled the game but it didn't work, my oculus software is freshly installed. Other VR games work fine, and the Oculus VR Screen has also sound.

Walkabout Mini Golf - enhanced for PCVR?

I do not normally buy PCVR games ported from the Quest, unless devs have enhanced a game significantly for PCVR. This has been my main issue with Walkabout Mini Golf VR, because devs said they did nothing to enhance the game for high-end VR enthusias...

Unavngivet.JPG 20220623214117_1.JPG 20220623212350_1.JPG 20220623212356_1.JPG
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Nuclear explosion demo?

Does anyone know of any demo where you can see a Nuke being tested or you are in a city where a bomb goes off. I just rewatched Threads film and I'm curious to know what it would be like to see one go off.

tcla75 by Level 2
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Resolved! Family Sharing Across Multiple Devices

Meta/Oculus Developers need to create a true Family Sharing platform that would allow a parent or family member to purchase a game or app one time. Then be able to push it to the rest of the family across multiple devices. ie More than one headset. I...

EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone shuts down August 5

We may be losing a great VR game - but not sure if singleplayer will still work... That trailer continues to amaze me - sadly the game wasn't exactly like the trailer, but still has amazing d...

sdg.png maxresdefault (1).jpg ss_16b1583541c045868240ee484556e60b6db9deed.1920x1080.0.jpg c89VCx7gKmPgup3Xjqa4yA.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 15
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