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Hi how can I get rid of my games and how can I use songs from YouTube on my beat saber

Subway surfers-like game?

Hello! I was wondering if there's a game for Oculus Quest 2 which would be kind of like subway surfers? So you need to jump, stoop and step go the left and the right to avoid obstacles? I've been searching the web but couldn't find anything. Thanks i...

xJon_as by Level 2
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Walkabout Mini Golf

Since the last update I have not been able to pick up lost balls or treasure. Is there anyway to fix this without deleting and reloading the games. Kinda hate to lose what I've already got.

yaya115 by Level 2
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promo code confusion

this isn't that big of a deal, it would just be nice to have. so I just got the quest 2, and when I went to the app store a few days ago on it, it said use code welcome25 for 25% of your first purchase. I still haven't made my first purchase, and I w...

Rec Room makes me move.

Whenever I enter Rec Room it automatically moves me backwards. Inside the room and in all the Rec Room games. I thought it was my controller but its only on Rec Room so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but no luck. Has anyone else dealt with thi...

Minecraft VR won't launch in VR

Running a Rift CV1 on the latest version of Windows 10, Oculus software, etc. I have Minecraft Windows 10 edition installed from the Windows Store. I also have the Minecraft VR module installed from the Oculus Store.I can launch MCW10 and it works fi...

Star Trek Bridge Crew Voice Issues

Ok , I recently bought the Quest 2 - for the sole and only purpose of playing with a friend, on his PS4VR - and the game Star Trek: Bridge Crew. The local salesman was all over it - the best way for us to be able to hang out was the Quest 2 - as it c...

TheGoju by Level 2
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Hibow free on APP LAB!!

Hibow is a simulation of the future of multiplayer combat VR game. In the arena of the future world all players as a variety of superheroes compete and fight with players all around the world. The game's intense arrow shooting, excellent flying exper...


Affected: The Manor (of NOPE!)

Got this last week, but hadn't tried it out. But I'd heard good things about it. Watching a let's play of someone running Gauntlet mode, it didn't seem too bad. Some tame jump scares, and that's it. Still, I was looking for a good horror experience a...

Pixie40 by Level 9
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Wilson's... Face? *full review with spoilers*

When it comes to First Person Perspective VR games, I have a habit of trying to shove my face through impassable areas. Sometimes this can expose a bug or even a cheat (this happened with the initial release of Obduction). Other times the area is jus...

Zenbane by Level 16
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StormLand, FPS dips when I shoot Ore.

RTX 3090 / 5900X / Quest 2 (AirLink or VD, doesn't matter) Nothing else causes such dips, only when I shoot some Ore. The game spawns so many tiny particles that causes the FPS to go from smooth 80Hz to 30Hz momentarily as seen in the ODT's performan...

Saints and sinners main menu wont work

Bought the oculus quest 2 today.. bought the game on the store app thing they have in the headset.. downloaded it and I get to the main menu and it wont let me click anything in the menu.. I can do the stand and sit thing i can rotate.. but the thing...

Real VR Fishing

Hi all just wondered if anyone here plays Real VR Fishing? If so was after some help on how to catch the big fish in Salt Water?I hook up and play them as you should but no mater what i do they always spit the hook?I went back to the "Normal" setting...

Oculus Venues and Quest 2

I have Oculus Venues installed on my q1, but for some reason I don't seem to be able to find it in q2 store. Why is this, could be something to do with my region? I live in Sweden.

Oculus Venues Region Locked?

Hi, i was really thrilled when the oculus app on my phone showed me that there will be a show of major lazer in oculus venues. after seeing diplo at the virtual burning man i would love to see the major lazer show in venues. so i used my quest, opene...

New and upcoming potentially great PCVR games 2020-2021

This thread is dedicated to games not previously discussed in this forum (sorry if I did include some). Just trying to collect a few potentially great upcoming VR games. Some titles that caught my attention are:Despatch - release Nov 13 on Steam - on...

RuneSR2 by Level 16
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