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Future games

Will the Big game manufactures get onboard with the quest? Such as Activision, ubisoft, EA etc?

Zero caliber no servers

Had game for 3 days now. Never finds any servers to join in a game.Can't believe nobody is playing it lol.It's allowed through my firewall. Just never ever finds any games to join.Any fix? Or is nobody playing multi-player

Bird Hunting Game in 2020

Bird Hunting Simulator 2020 - Bird hunter game is the most addictive and well time fleeting game. Bird hunting and shooting bird simulator have an attractive and eye-catchy user interface and comfort user to play bird shooting games. If you have ever...

Konrad the Kitten - Roadmap and Progression

Hi there,on February 23rd, we finally left Early Access and released Version 1.0 of the game. But this is not the end! We will continue supporting it with new stuff.As we are a tiny Indy Development team, we need all your feedback and help. If you li...

Stuck at 98% in asgards wrath

Trying to 100% the game but im stuck at 98% on jotunheim. I seem to be missing the last forgotten hero relic and i have spent hours looking for it without any success. If anyone can tell me where it is that would be awesome.edit: Finally found it. 10...

Krylke by Level 2
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Space Pirate Trainer: Leaderboard

So after enjoying this game for a good bit, I decided to try a serious attempt at increasing my scores. Here are my results.I noticed there's no hardcore mode rankings for single weapons like there is for classic. If anyone wants tips or wishes to po...

Didnt get free games with touch

My dad's friend gave us an oculus headset, no controllers, to see if it would work on our computer. It did, so for Christmas my dad bought me touch remotes off of the oculus website as replacement controllers. I connected them but I haven't gotten th...

oweniam by Level 2
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Rightful Refund Is not Working

2 weeks ago I purchased an Oculus Rift S. I played Beat Saber for a while and it seemed fun so I proceeded to buy a game that I really wanted. I bought The Climb and had a really good time for the first 15 minutes. After that I started to get very na...

Free promotion keys for Galaxy Forces VR

To promote the game, here are ten copies for free. First one gets it.You go to Settings in the Oculus Home App -> Account -> Redeem Code. That's $7 you save for a great retro game. I'd appreciate if you tell what key you took below.Hope you will begi...

Bagger Simulator

Hallo Zusammen,Ich suche einen VR Bagger Simulator. Würde gerne mal Bagger fahren. Weiß jemand ein Spiel zum download?Ich bin leider auch mach langer Suche nicht fündig geworden. Danke schon mal für die Antworten. Gruß Thomas

Can't select on Videos and 360 Photos

I am using touch controllers and I cant figure out how to select things in 360 Photos app or Videos App. Can someone help my stupidity cause I can't figure it out. My touch controllers dont select anything when I press any buttons.

WD Saints and Sinners

HELP!!!!!I pre ordered this game and it got released 2 days ago, however it is still in my oculus store as pre ordered and wont download, its not in my library so I cannot do anything there, any suggestions please, Im so desperate to play the game???

ZERO CALIBER VR - New FPS game looks amazing!

Hey guys, don't know if you've heard of this game but wow it looks amazing, it's like Onward but looks actually better to me, like the next step in FPS VR gaming:The first 6:50 seconds is two guys having a laugh and messing about and then the serious...

TheBlu doesn't install

I have a Rift S now and also installed many games on it already. The only game which doesn't get installed is TheBlu and when I try, it says I should contact the Oculus Support. So what should I do? Sometimes it says I should deactivate my virus prog...

Resolved! How to use Bigscreen

I downloaded Bigcsreen with Steam . My question is what are the steps to use it with Rift . It does not seem to work for me .

Stormlands - performance on RTX 2080 Super

Hi,I'm having problems getting Stormlands to play smoothly even on Medium settings (turning off ASW helps a lot, but it still rarely goes beyond 60 fps). My setup is RTX 2080 Super used in an eGPU with the 16-inch Macbook Pro (i9 processor). I've rea...

loui100 by Level 4
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Unable launch Onward VR game

I am currently unable to start the game. I keep getting an error from the oculus app. When I try to manually start the game from my C drive I get this error Onward VR error (0XC0020015)I don't know what to do! all my other games work perfectly fine. ...


I have recently bought Beat saber from the Oculus App and i have gotten bored of all the maps and i wanted to see if i could mod the game. But little did i realize that it is only for steam and i got a bit sad and i started to doubt my purchase. I we...

Ploktz by Level 2
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Star Fleet Officers Wanted

[SUBSPACE MESSAGE FROM CAPTAIN CRAZY_SANE ABOARD THE U.S.S. AEGIS]To all Star Fleet officers,We have a shortage of officers equipped with the prototype Oculus Quest Interface to fill available roles on the bridge of The Aegis, The Enterprise and The ...