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Is Red Matter worth the current sale price?

I noticed that Red Matter is at $25 today. I still have a backlog of games to finish (Arizona Sunshine's DLC, Raw Data, SkyrimVR, Moss), so I'm in no hurry to add yet another game to the Library. Not to mention the list of VR Titles I have on GO. How...

Zenbane by Level 16
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Pre-ordered game (Rogan) still not in Library

Hi everyone,I already opened a support ticket about this but seeing as it's saturday I think it's gonna be a little while before I get an answer. I was hoping one of you might have a solution to this.Basically I pre-ordered Rogan: The Thief in the Ca...

Setup App Not Working

I put in a ticket but this is the worst most buggy software i've ever used. Thumbing through the forums for 3 and a half hours trying anything and everything to get the app to work. It will either download and tell me it cannot connect to the server ...

oculus app

ive downloaded the oculus rift app and installed it about 3 times so far and it keeps saying I need to repair it any 1 had this before and know how to fix it

natoea by Level 2
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Testing Rift S In Different Racing Games

Raceroom: Cars 2: And AC: great in both Raceroom, AC and pCars2, and pCars 2 look stunning on the S!! ACC was crap, first game that didn't look good in...

RIFT / QUEST Cross Buy and Steam purchases

I would really like someone from Oculus to explain this to me...- I understand some games/app are cross-buy, meaning you buy them one and you have the Rift version and the Quest version- I also understand devs are not obligated to do this, and some d...

Shadow point: the 8 chapters After the end game

ok, it must be admitted: these eight chapters are wonderful and can only be played if you have completed the game 100%. Only that they are very difficult !!! I managed to conclude four, I just can't understand them. two I have yet to see them does an...

Paglioz by Level 4
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MOSS Sale.

MOSS is currently on sale for $26.32 CDN.For anyone that is interested in it.

The game "The climb" won't install.

When I click "Install" nothing happens. I restarted Oculus Home app and my pc too. Nothing worked!I've just bought this game with the Essentials Pack bundle.I have never had any problem with any other apps in oculus home, only this one I've tried to...

MaxSMM by Level 3
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Tilt Brush Download Failed

So I just bought Tilt Brush for my Oculus Quest. Every time i try to install it, it just says "download failed."I've tried restarting it multiple times and restarting my internet. Weirdly enough, it will install other things, like updates and games. ...

App Sensor Bounds keeps loading.

Hi all, i'm new here.I'm having trouble getting the app called "Sensor Bounds" from H2K Studios to work. ( can start the app and a window will appear on the screen. When i put on the Rift i s...

The Climb

Is there a way to change the white background to some type of landscape or to skip the tutorial? I can get most of the way up and I know what to do but the white background seems to be a problem for me. (heart rate goes way up)Yes, am also tired of f...

DTH by Level 7
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Robo Recall - Portal Gun Mod

Hey guys! I made a mod replacing the pistol with the portal gun! I plan to make it override the energy rifle eventually, but for now, grab the portal gun and have some fun! (I don't have actual portals working yet, working on that, for now it's just ...

Omega Agent on Rift - Steam 2019 Summer Sale

Just a heads up mates. For ~$1 ( for ~ the next 7 days) this is oldy, but goody and is def worth trying imho; have had Omega Agent on my Oculus Go for quite some time and I've had a lot of fun wi...

Space junkie rift s error message

just bought space junkies, oculus rift s, new ibuypower gaming pc and I’m getting a launch error to update my gpu drivers. Rtx cards, 418.81 to 419.17I’m running 419.17 already. Advice? Thanks

quick question peeps

its been a while since ive been around ...two reasons which I don't mind saying is no job ..and no money . the no job issue is sorted out ..and the no money is now sorted out … so … I wanna by meself a game . BUT im looking for a game that's in a sim...

Space Pirate Trainer - this is freaking amazing

So I was a bit sceptical about Space Pirate Trainer at first.But with the xmas sales I got it.I gotta say, holy smokes this game is **** awesome !There is a shield ingame to reflect bullets, but you can also change it to a sabre / sword type of stick...

Mellzor by Level 4
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Glider Island

This is a fun hang gliding game. The Oculus Store version works much better than the Steam Store version imho.