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PokerStars wont start

Hi all.I downloaded PokerStars, but it stucks everytime on welcome screen, actually when it's written "Shuffling decks". Can't do anything from then.Uninstalled/installed app few times, but it keeps happening.

Creed: Rise to Glory: Ricky Conlan

I have reached Ricky Conan in my career mode, however everytike that I go to participate in th fight, the game glitches on me. It starts skipping rounds every 5 seconds and the fans are blacked out. I did not have this issue to this point. Has anyone...

acks909 by Level 2
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Resolved! Pokerstars VR black screen

Thought I'd try poker stars out.After the pokerstars logo intro, there is just a continuous black screen.I have read many people having a similar issue.Are people currently experiencing this issue?

Star Wars Tales / Last Call

I seem to be stuck or maybe there's a glitch.My latest mission to complete is Fallen Freighter under Droid Dilemma. It says i have to travel to Hissiq springs but it is locked and i cannot travel there. I've completed all the other missions leading u...

Help getting photos from the file app to my iphone.

Hello, I took some photos while playing VRchat, and the photos showed up in the "Files" app. I know that in order to sync the photos to my iphone so that they show up in the gallery section, there needs to be a cloud icon in the "Files" app in the to...

SwiftX2 by Level 2
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Resolved! Workrooms - 'FAILED_HEALTH_CHECK'

Hello, When I open Workrooms, I get a grey screen that says: 'FAILED_HEALTH_CHECK'. It says that my operating system is out of date, and to go to Settings to force an update. I went to Settings, but there is no update to download. I don't know of any...

Horizon Worlds Crashing On Startup

So I'm on Oculus Rift and I seen Horizon Worlds came to the uk this week which I was very happy about and excited to try it out and see what it was all about to then find out that the game doesnt even work i downloaded it and it crashed on startup an...

Resolved! Lone Echo 2 very laggy

Specs:16 GB Samsung RAM at 2666MhzIntel Core i5-9400FNvidia GeForce RTX 2060Quest 2 using Oculus Link with a high quality USB-C cable I have everything on low and the game is still too much of a laggy mess to play. Any ideas? I looked a the official ...

Horizon Venue changed to Horizon Worlds

I was using Horizon Venues for well over a month and it just recently updated June 6th to Horizon Worlds. I am not able to use Either/or App since the update. I’m well over 18 and I live in the US. I have an avatar and a real profile. Not sure what I...

Shadow gate VR

Anyone got any ideas > I cant seem to pick up the wand in shadowgate VR no matter what key i press.

The Atlas Mystery: A VR Puzzle Game

Inspired by classic, exploratory puzzle games like Myst, The Atlas Mystery is an escape room style experience set in a 1940's era movie palace that played host to a shocking Hollywood tragedy. You assume the role of a newly hired theater manager task...

Rec Room makes me move.

Whenever I enter Rec Room it automatically moves me backwards. Inside the room and in all the Rec Room games. I thought it was my controller but its only on Rec Room so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but no luck. Has anyone else dealt with thi...

Into The Radius Cross Buy

Hello. Does anyone know whether or not Into the Radius will have cross buy between Rift and Quest? I already own it for the rift but was wondering if I'd have to purchase it again incase I ever wanted to play it anywhere my computer wasn't.

Why have all my apps disappeared?

Hi, All my apps have disappeared of my headset and I can't work out how to retrieve them. I tried to reset with the FB account but it isn't working although I reset the passwords, etc. is there a support team you can contact? Thanks

Golf+ Black Logo persistent

Playing Golf+ and suddenly the black rectangle "Golf+" logo won't go away while I'm playing. It sits above the "B" menu club selection but when I go to the target I have to duck down to look under it to see my shot. Anyone seen this or know how to ma...

VR all in one sports

want to know , I’m number 4 on leader board. When I beat someone my wins go up, but I don’t accumulate points to move up the leader board. If I lose then I lose like 30 points. I believe u should receive at least 1 or 2 points regardless who u play. ...

Bring a old game a new life.

When I was younger I used to play games on pc alot. I loved things like Diablo, Starcraft and more. There is one game I used to own called Deer Avenger 1 and 2. I played that comical game every day. I would love to see it make a come back only this t...

Oculus games not showing up

I went a few days without internet. When I get internet back and log onto my Oculus Quest 2, the only apps showing in my app library are files and settings. Also, the Oculus store won't open. Help please.