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Oculus Rift Titles Being Pulled

I'm curious with Facebook pulling Oculus Rift Titles from people. How are they compensating people for this? People paid for these games. I know there are two major titles getting pulled that they have already advised people to delete from their head...

rjnmd70 by Level 4
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Doom 3 BFG Edition

Hello guys.I'm just started to play in Doom 3 BFG Editionwith RBDOOM-3-BFG 1.1.0 openvr 12 mod looks much better than Doom FVRbut with toch right thumbstik doesn't work.For turning around I need turning my body. Thats doesn't good. Not comfortable fo...

Resolved! Upgraded to a 256

Hi , I just upgraded from the 64 to a 256 gig quest2. My purchased games show as cued to be installed . Question I have is do I have to uninstall the games or do a factory reset on the 64 to initialize the install on the 256 thanks

Sports Scramble Nightmare!

I paid $30 for the full game. I did the training. The next time I logged in it took me to a page to confirm my options to play tennis. When I finished my selection, it took me here and no matter what I press it won't let me move forward. I have tried...

Resolved! Epic Roller Coasters

I purchased the "Epic Roller Coasters" and the "Realistic" add-on apps. When I start the app. I have to purchase tracks. Doesn't either of these come with free tracks? Do I have to pay for tracks each and every time I use them?

Arden's Wake - a new VR animated movie masterpiece! with the Rift CV1 B) VR movies like Gloomy Eyes, Wolves in the Walls and Crow The Legend it's hard to compete, but Arden's Wake stands tall on its own.Note ...

RuneSR2 by Level 16
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Crashland looks like a farpoint esque fps

Can't wait to try this game when i get home.

Greenman gaming Sale...... Some VR goodness.

posting here despite not all being about VR because there are some stupidly cheap VR games in there...(a tiny bit convoluted)buy any gold game from GMG and you get a gold key as well as an intel games key...The intel games key allows you to choose an...

Fitness Game Suggestion

Hi developers, I think it would be really cool to see an all in one fitness game. A game like wii fit plus would be incredibly awesome. A game where you can go jogging, skiing, do yoga, do parkour, etc. It would be awesome and many people would likel...

8 Ball Pool Comp - Sports Bar VR - Cash Prize

8 Ball Pool Comp. - Cash Prize $50auTime Slot - Saturdays 9:30pm London Time on the EU Server (Join Discord and meet up with folks you'll know can play)Discord: NEW - 9 Ball Comp################Time Slot - Wednesdays 9:30...

Can't buy games for Quest 2 anywhere.

I have tried buying a game called Dash Dash World many times now. I have tried using the oculus phone app, desktop app, website, and the in-headset store. Every time I try to confirm my purchase and enter my pin code this message pops up: "Request No...