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Something like OVRdrop for oculus apps

I've started streaming my VR gaming sessions on Twitch. One thing I find missing in Oculus apps is the ability to pull up twitch chat from inside the VR world. I can do this from almost any SteamVR title using an app called OVRdrop which lets me flip...

Suggestion box or feature request.

There does not seem to be a suggestion box that the users can request features on upcoming releases the programmers could check. I believe this would be more beneficial than just starting a new thread that the developers will never look at.

Blaze Rush User Reviews

Please post your rating of this game taking into consideration fun factor, value for money, overall polish and using the following criteria if you have purchased/played the game:5 Stars - Awesome Must Buy4 Stars - Very Good Not essential.3 Stars - Av...

Good over the shoulder RPG?

Hello.After couple of months I dusted off my Rift and am exploring stars in Elite or reliving Skyrim. Slowly getting ready to play Hellblade in VR as I only played it in flat version and that made me wonder...Are there any proper RPG games a'la Skyri...

Rudalpl by Level 4
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Arcade Shooter Demo in Thread. Coming Soon

Hey all, we are proud to announce coming later this year is our Arcade shooter game, reminiscent of an old title called Time crisis you will shoot your way through multiple levels taking on end of level bosses along the way!.This game will be a compl...

Proze enlightenment, no sound

I have no sound in either my oculus purchase or my Steam version. I have the demo and have sound in that and every other game in my library. I've contacted them {developer} through email and their not much help other than blaming oculus, which is why...

Apex Construct Keep getting stuck

Hi, I haven't gotten far in the game because I keep getting stuck. Can't teleport or "glide" teleport. Then I have to start over. That is getting boring. The last place I ended up was by a "motorcyle" way up on the rocks. Well, I got up there, but ca...

audtoo by Level 2
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Creed: Rise to Glory (Review)

I'll start by saying that I only Pre-Ordered this game because I'm a huge fan of the original Rocky films, and I was dying to hang out with the man himself:Creed: Rise to Glory is a great game, and highly recommended if you are interested in heated c...

Zenbane by Level 16
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external power indicator.

Would it be possible to add an external power indicator (either an LED or icon) on the navigation bar? I have unknowingly unplugged while in VR and have no indication until the phone gets a low battery indication..

Stunt Kite Masters VR Giveaway!

Hi! I made this video of Stunt Kite Masters VR a week ago or so, and after it was already out of edit I got hold of a steam key for it.So thought I would try premiere on Youtube for the first time, and will give the steam key away in chat.So if you w...

Robo Recall: First OH game with over 5K Reviews

Great news for one of my favorite titles,Robo Recall Becomes The First Game With Over 5000 Reviews On The Oculus Store This makes the game the most reviewed VR game on the Oculus marketplace and for good reasons. When you check the reviews and rating...

Zenbane by Level 16
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Witching Tower (Review - Spoilers)

I recently completed this Hack n Slash Adventure title. It took roughly 4 hours, and I have to say that it was very enjoyable. For any of you who may be fans of using a "whip" in Virtual Reality, this game should be on your buy-list. Witching Tower r...

Zenbane by Level 16
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Games/Apps/Experiences for a 3 year old

As it is my son has taken a shining to my rift and loves using it.So he doesn't fully operate it, he sits on my lap then sticks it on his head and tells me what to launch.He currently likes Jurassic Park Blue, Invasion, Henry, roller coasters etcIs t...

Iphone Game "Ronaldo" is Back in the Store

Fans of original iPhone game "Ronaldo" would be extremely thrilled and excited to to hear the news that Ronaldo: Royal Edition is back in app store. Ronaldo: Royal Edition is a remastered version of the 2008 platform themed puzzle game. Ronaldo is on...


The "B" button in Pavlov seems to not eject clip but only to recenter my view. i have looked everywhere but cant seem to find someone with the same problem. Can anyone help me?

In Death " The Afterlife " Update 1.0

New update to In Death. It is now out of early access. Has a few bugs ( I got killed but my arrow killed someone *after* my death so I got a black screen and had to force quit ) but even with a 1070 the graphics look so much better and "darker and gl...

Digikid1 by Level 12
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Help, does anybody have the answer!

Hi everyone I have a mystery to solve. About 3 years ago I got Gear VR and downloaded an app to watch music videos. I can not for the life of me remember what the app was called and my daughter has been asking so she can watch Disney music videos. Al...

F/A-18 Carrier Landing - New Release

Just letting everyone know that F/A-18 Carrier Landing is now available in the store.The game uses the same engine as Flying Aces, but focuses on carrier landing options.Your landing is graded based on specific criteria and the score is posted to a g...

MushroomBallVR, early user testers??

Been developing MushroomBallVR for the past 2 months in Unity and the first 5 levels are almost there!Anyone interested in giving some feedback?? Here's a vid of little game play me know if anyone can he...

Blake92 by Level 2
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OrbusVR - First Gen VRMMORPG

I have owned OrbusVR for about 3 days now, and yet I've probably spent the better part of 10 hours playing the game. Heck, I played for 5 hours straight the first day and even got an achievement for it - which I promptly placed in my Oculus Home.The ...

Zenbane by Level 16
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