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The "B" button in Pavlov seems to not eject clip but only to recenter my view. i have looked everywhere but cant seem to find someone with the same problem. Can anyone help me?

In Death " The Afterlife " Update 1.0

New update to In Death. It is now out of early access. Has a few bugs ( I got killed but my arrow killed someone *after* my death so I got a black screen and had to force quit ) but even with a 1070 the graphics look so much better and "darker and gl...

Digikid1 by Level 12
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Help, does anybody have the answer!

Hi everyone I have a mystery to solve. About 3 years ago I got Gear VR and downloaded an app to watch music videos. I can not for the life of me remember what the app was called and my daughter has been asking so she can watch Disney music videos. Al...

F/A-18 Carrier Landing - New Release

Just letting everyone know that F/A-18 Carrier Landing is now available in the store.The game uses the same engine as Flying Aces, but focuses on carrier landing options.Your landing is graded based on specific criteria and the score is posted to a g...

MushroomBallVR, early user testers??

Been developing MushroomBallVR for the past 2 months in Unity and the first 5 levels are almost there!Anyone interested in giving some feedback?? Here's a vid of little game play me know if anyone can he...

Blake92 by Level 2
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OrbusVR - First Gen VRMMORPG

I have owned OrbusVR for about 3 days now, and yet I've probably spent the better part of 10 hours playing the game. Heck, I played for 5 hours straight the first day and even got an achievement for it - which I promptly placed in my Oculus Home.The ...

Zenbane by Level 16
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Lone Echo not launching

Just received my Oculus today. Set it up, everything works great. Tried firing up Lone Echo, and nothing happens. A small window appears briefly, but no error prompt.Echo VR works beautifully, but nothing from Lone Echo. No idea what's going on. Any ...

Apex Construct is coming to Oculus Quest

Hi all, this is Andreas from VR games developer Fast Travel Games. I wanted to let you know that our VR single player action/adventure Apex Construct will be coming to Oculus Quest!If you don't know about Apex Construct, here is some info: it's a sto...

Transference (Review)

Transference is a VR Experience that I've been anticipating ever since I first encountered it back in December 2017: dedicated today to going throu...

Zenbane by Level 16
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BIGSCREEN - sort out your GUI!

I like to join others to see a film or something but the menu system selection just totally SUCKS!Once you figure out that the initial scene has nothing but an open menu you then fall across finding the Lobby which is just a change of scene.Here it h...

Duke Nukem 3D VR

I played Duke Nukem 3D in DOS. Remember DOS? And it's the first online game I played. I played it on DWANGO a dialup WAN back in the day. This mod looks cool.

MowTin by Level 11
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Salvo Battleships VR'm pleased to announce Oculus have approved my first game for the store, it will be launching early next week.Classic ModePlay battleships just how you remember it​Mission ModeIn mission mode you have to take over the sea...

Crow the Legend, a stunning animated interactive movie.

So this just dropped in the store, and WOW. Oculus Studios and Baobab have created something very magical.Voiced by a stellar cast such as John Legend, Oprah Winfrey, and Constance Wu, takes you on a journey of self-discovery and finding your way in ...

LZoltowski by Volunteer Moderator
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Derail Valley

I see this is out in early access on Steam. Am at work so haven't picked it up yet, though I will ASAP.Anyone got it yet? Have any thoughts?

vfrhawk by Level 4
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My BS unpauses when I pause my game.

so I was playing BS (map: osu!memories) and I paused it to read a discord message on my PC and the game unpaused by itself. my controllers were dangling not touching anything (but that wouldn't have done anything, because I need to select the "contin...

vToKuv by Level 2
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From Other Suns no multiplayer?

How do I get the multiplayer working in this game? When I press Play there are no games shown and my only option is to press New Game. If I create a public lobby, no one joins my game either.I thought that the open beta was to test multiplayer, but m...

Kurtino by Level 3
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DCS World

Virtual Reality UpdateWe see VR as an amazing tool to enjoy DCS World and the future of PC gaming for many. To make DCS World even better, we’ve been working on some great VR improvements that include:Optimized VR performance.Touch control that allow...

nrosko by Level 8
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