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Resolved! Oculus is opening when I launch my games.

So I need some help I have an oculus quest and the app is loading even when I launch games that aren't even VR like among us and roblox, The worst part is when I close the app it closes the game too (roblox and among us) and EVERY SINGLE one of my ot...

Charged twice

Spoiler (Highlight to read)Spoiler (Highlight to read) Does anyone know how to contact Oculus about a charge that I shouldn’t have received? I emailed or filled out the “ticket” thing they said to and no response. That was over 2 weeks ago. Maybe 3.

Help with Rhombus of Ruin

I've been trying to get a response from DoubleFine for months to no avail, so I hope one of you can help.In Psychonauts: Rhombus of Ruin I get a crash bug every time at the same place. In the second area, where you are trying to rescue the man hangin...

Asgard's Wrath won't install

I purchased this game 2 days ago and every time it gets to about 15GB downloaded out of the 78GB it cancels and says that the game couldn't install and I need to contact support. I've searched online and found some "fixes" but none of them have worke...

New games

Hey guys, just curious if anyone knows of any other games like Moss or Curious case of the stolen pets. I've been trying to locate games like this but so far haven't found anything. Mainly I'm looking for a third person perspective looking at the wor...

VrERF by Level 2
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Generate game keys for distribution

Hello!Our new game has been approved for distribution and we would like to generate keys for reviewers and testers. Is it possibile to generate keys? and if so how? thanks in advance!

MalboM by Level 2
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Updating a game

Hello, My ociulus quest 2 is forcing me to update my population one. I have tried and it shows it downloads the update but then when it shows installing the little installing circle just runs and runs. Is it supposed to take really long. I have a gre...

Virtual desktop not in my library

Hi Everyone, ive turned on my Oculus Quest for the first time in about 6 months, and i am trying to install everything again on my new PC. for some reason my games arent showing up in my library. including Beat Sabre, and Virtual Desktop. i cant see ...

Can't refund game

I went to refund several games but it all shows "Refund Not Available". I purchased the games only a day ago. Didn't even play more than an hour from each game. I am confused on what to do.

The highest rated VR Only games on Steam! (Beyond Alyx)

We've already covered the highest rated Oculus Store Rift games and apps here: - but which are the highest rated VR games on Steam? 樂 When it...

il_570xN.1341035401_g4gh.jpg Unavngivet.jpg ss_91690c8e5de49920461aeca5548fbec3a18b5c79.1920x1080.jpg ss_6a9058e57a92545ee6d40da44bb700a34e1fd0e8.1920x1080.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 16
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Eleven Table Tennis crashed

I bougth VR-headset this summer.I have played this Eleven table tennis with Oculus Quest VR about one month.It is great game and it feels so real.I have one problem,allmost every time when i am playing the game greaschafter playing it about 15-30min....

Is there a chess game for oculus 2

Is there a chess game for oculus 2. I can’t find one in the search function so I’m guessing there isn’t but that is really weird because virtual reality would make an excellent chess format.

Auto Oculus Touch v0.1.7 (Latest release 11 Jan 2021)

AutoOculusTouch is a library and script for AutoHotKey. It allows you to read the state of oculus controller devices (Touch, Remote or XBox controller) from within an AutoHotKey script.DownloadsBinary release -

kojack by Volunteer Moderator
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Stormland multiplayer problem

Hi. I need some help! This is driving me insane!Me and my brother are trying to play this game together. We both have the communication device, and I've progressed slightly further than him in the story mode.So I'm trying to join him so he'll get his...

I Can't Play Half-Life: ALYX

If i try and load Half-life alyx and i select a level, i says that my Headset display has lost connection and i have to restart my pc to make my vr work again. This only happens with Half-Life: Alyx. I cannot play the Game again because of this. Can ...

Asgards Wrath - textures exact same low-high? Any fix?

hey everyone,so i started asgards wrath and im running into a weird problem - the low medium and high settings all have the exact same textures, and theyre bad - like nintendo 64 muddy colored staircases and just blank walls... if i go to Ultra the t...

(Re)discover The Climb - true PCVR as awesome as ever!

On Reddit I've seen several users moaning about not getting The Climb 2 for PCVR, instead Oculus only makes the game available to bottom-end VR solutions like the Quests, which have about 1/30 of the RTX 3080 gpu power. Even if Crytek made an awesome...

Unavngivet.png 789675.JPG 234t.JPG Climb_Alps_Easy_EnvShot_Glove_Shot_Final_1080.jpg
RuneSR2 by Level 16
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Megatron Rainfall No Space

Hi,the app only offers me a fuzzy texture as space. I can't even fly to the moon. I have to stay on earth, otherwise my life light will go out. Very frustrating. Will the space flight option be activated later? Or do I have to activate a mod? I would...