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Project Car 2 demo on steam

Wow this is brilliant.. ...and you can take your headset off to view replay of your failed driving ability simply by waving the headset around for all the gory details in replayTrying to configure an old Saitek R400 to play this game was well worth i...

Where to find the "packs" in the store?

Hi I just got my Rift yesterday and I am really happy with my decision to finally buy one.In Oculus home it says something like "unique beginner pack runs out in 31 days" in a red font. Also by googleing I found out about some nice game bundle packs....

Game install/download on Oculus doesn't work?

HelloI was wondering what this means "Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later. (OVR5389641) and Missing default location (1971039)" when i try to install/download a game on Oculus. Does someone else had this problem and how did you fix it...

Arca's Path VR Rift/GO/Gear VR/Vive & Steam VR

Trapped in the enchanting simulated world of Arca, it is up to you to find a path through the labyrinth and break free.Coming soon to Oculus Rift, Oculus GO, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear VR.

Resolved! BlazeRush crossplay?

Is the version of BlazeRush on the Rift store able to play with people that own the Steam version of the game?

Trelard by Level 2
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From Other Suns Question

First, I love From Other Suns! We have a great group working on beating it on multi-player. We just reached earth, but missed intercepting the mothership...very frustrating, but a good enough reason to try again. Anyway, what is the purpose of the tr...

Stroh21 by Level 2
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Oculus Rift and Go libraries aren't shared?

I've had a Rift for some time now and just picked up a Go. I was extremely disappointed that my purchases didn't carry over onto the Go. Oculus seems to expect me to repurchase the same game again on a single Oculus account. What's up with that?

Recentre View in rFactor 2

anyone know how to do this? Couldn't find any such setting in options. Also really awkward to use this in VR, with swapping from PC desk to wheel (which is set up in a different place to my desktop), but I know it was added as an afterthought, so I'l...

Catan VR - sign in/login

Might be a silly question, but having trouble figuring out how to log in to my Catan account on the Catan VR. I play on my phone all the time on Catan Universe and want to be able to play with my same friends on the Catan VR. Is that possible? How do...

Onward VR Latest update issue

With the Latest update, downloaded and installed today 5/26/18 XDI start up fine, hit solo, choose a map, it loads. HOWEVER. The second I see the box that holds the gun when selecting loadout, it immediately fades back out and then loads the home scr...

Permanently delete sideloaded files on Oculus Go

HelloI use android file transfer to sideload files from a macworks fine and when I put them either in "downloads" or "DCIM" video player apps find them, recognize the format and play as it should beProblem is when I delete files : They disappear from...

F_DMY by Level 2
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Technlolust Wreckshop Crash

I decided to dust off Technolust since I never finished it after it's last big update. After coming back from Mars and revisiting your reanimated girlfriend in the Hive, I'm trying to get back to the Wreck Shop to deliver all the data I acquired from...

Hanover by Level 8
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Why can't I purchase this on sale?

For two days now, Prehistoria app has been on sale for .99 and every time I try to purchase it I get a pop up message saying something like "Oops! A problem has occurred and we are working on it and it will be fixed soon." Yes, and I hope I can still...

SET-VR by Level 3
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I like to play some another games

Blackjack has been one of my favourite games for many years, it's cool that today you can also play BTC blackjack, I read about it somewhere and decided to try, thought it'd be difficult in this way or that but it wasn't difficult at all! It was damn...

simonan by Level 2
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Red Matter Pre-order

I pre-ordered red matter yesterday and the store page shows I have pre-ordered it but it's not showing in my library even though it launched yesterday, the money was never taken from my paypal but I have no way to buy the game again as the oculus sto...

jamyjet by Level 2
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King Spray

Any one here play king spray??the servers are normally empty and full of toys or people who have no clue how to do graffiti?is there a community some where on the net i can share pictures with or meet people to play with??

red matter .-...prebuy no money no game !!

I have pre-purchased the game. But I do not leave to install it. It is still in pre-purchase although the money has already been charged.Please solve this for me !!!GMTDetect languageAfrikaansAlbanianArabicArmenianAzerbaijaniBasqueBelarusianBengaliBo...

Red Matter

Ich hab mir gestern Red Matter vorbestellt und eigentlich sollte es gestern auch erscheinen ich hab aber bis jetzt keine Downloadmöglichkeit sonder nur den Status vorbestellt

Wingsuit VR

I hardly know where to begin... Missing icon graphics... Icons that are stretched and distorted beyond recognition... Menu option text that expands outside of their containers... And once you navigate the horrendous menus, the gameplay... Sweet Jesus...

No Mech Game?

On the Dev kit I remember playing a Demo of a Mech Game and it felt great sat in the cockpit of the Mech. The gameplay wasn't that great though, but I remember thinking if this was multiplayer with different maps it would be awesome. I just find it h...

Jahshaka VR 0.6.1 alpha release

The free, open source, cross platform VR authoring toolkit, Jahshaka, has released version 0.6.1 alpha which includes a major overhaul of its asset and material frameworks. It sets a solid foundation for the way we store and share models moving ahead...

osaware by Level 2
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Exchanging recipe App - If only Oculus did have one

Dear All, From time to time I may share recipe's with you all because I like there to be an App with Oculus where we can and also typing here makes me hungry for some reason or the other. Todays recipe is: Elite Rice PuddingOrganic Almond and Coconut...