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Oculus games not showing up

I went a few days without internet. When I get internet back and log onto my Oculus Quest 2, the only apps showing in my app library are files and settings. Also, the Oculus store won't open. Help please.

Population One dark screen

I recently purchased Population one from oculus store, installed on my Oculus Quest 2, but after first some logos, it becomes black screen with only sound... Reinstalled but never work. Is there any fix, or is there any region problem, or what should...

I cant point in Lone Echo 2

I'm not sure why this is happening, but I can't point in Lone Echo 2. This may not seem like such a big deal but in order to get past the first part of the game, you need to point. I am playing the game on an oculus quest 2 and I'm using oculus link ...

Oculus Store V Steam VR

Ok i wanted to buy a game from the Oculus store but i thought i would check the prices on steam and its cheaper via steam!I know you say SteamVR isn't supported but who cares when it works and the games are cheaper! why would i buy from Oculus store?...

Please help

I updated iB cricket know it wont let me play but keeps saying available from app lab but i already purchased the game in march just updated the game as it said to please help me. As i am confused abd dont know what app lab i got the oculus app and o...

The Climb crashing on startup

Just bought and installed The Climb from the oculus store on my pc.But then starting the game, it crashes then loading.I have tried reinstalling the game, but it didn't help.I have a Quest 2 and use the oculus link cable to my pc. PC:I9-12900FDDR5 32...

Oculus Quest 2 unable to load games

I've been trying to load Rec Room and Gym Class Basketball on my Oculus and I can open the game, but for Rec Room It's been on a loading screen endlessly. For Gym Class Basketball, I try to join a server, but it sometimes lets me join and then after ...

Eleven VR Table Tennis

Installed Eleven VR table tennis this morning and I can’t seem to get past the language selection screen? Can’t select a language OR hit the Skip button and have to leave the game. It’s the very first screen displayed when the game launches however i...


I bought virtual desktop and I went over my limit trying to get it to work when I don’t have the right enough pc so it’s just been in my library dong nothing and it was a waste of money I would like a refund but the refund time ran out

Multiplayer Game Night - Toe To Toe

I'm a member of the VR development team. A few weeks ago our multiplayer game "Toe To Toe party games" had been released and it's available via applab for now. We are carefully listening to the feedback, so we have added a 4th game to season 1. We wo...

Job Simulator

Has anyone else had problems purchasing job simulator ? My card keeps getting charged with 82p when I tried to download it. Then it charged £3.42 ?? help please ?

Shadow Point

Hello. I am enjoying Shadow Point on Quest 2 and am nearing the end....but more and more I am put into the "Return to Play Area" black hole. I generally have to quit the game and restart it.It often takes me back to the beginning of the chapter - I'm...

Starmum by Level 2
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The Eastern Edge - free and a very impressive game

Normally I'm avoiding much of the free stuff thinking it's bad quality, but The Eastern Edge is a small gem! With nearly 60 ratings and an average rating of 90%, this is one of the highest rated games in the Rift Store. I Revived it with res 400%, an...

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RuneSR2 by Level 15
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Vader Immortal - Can't grip with right hand !

I've been replaying Vader Immortal Episode 1 on my Rift and can not grip anything with my right hand. This means I can't go up ladders, pick up the lightsabre right-handed or interact with the right hand. Left-hand works perfectly and this issue does...

Unable to join a room I created in horizon workroom

Honestly baffled at why this is so difficult. I created a room *with my Oculus account* yet it does not appear in the rooms list. The support area says something about pairing an 8 digit code (different than the 6 digit code in your Oculus settings)....