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Oculus always opening

When I open ARK: Survival Evolved, the Oculus app always opens, despite ARK not being a VR game. I looked through the settings and couldn't find a way to turn it off, but it is very annoying, is there any way to make it stop opening when a non-VR gam...

2 player games for the Rift

A friend of mine has recently got an Oculus Rift CV1. I also have one.Besides racing games what other games are can we play against each other online?Does anybody have any recommmednations for good 2 player games?

Eye Chart App?

Back in 2013, BugnNuts brought up the idea of an Oculus eye chart. Is there an app like that?I would like to test each eye to check my vision with and without add-on lenses, but I cannot find one.Hey, lens makers?

ShadoeM by Level 2
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16 New levels to Galaxy Forces VR

The ability to add user created levels is added, and it happens that MrA has created 16 high quality mission levels. All with hiscore/medals and replay. For now MrA is alone in the hiscore so we need players. All new levels are on page 2 (arrow right...

Borderlands 2 VR - trailer, reviews & impressions

Looks quite cool - to me maybe even more exciting the No Man's Sky VR, although these are very different games: info:AboutDeveloped by Gearbox Software, Borderlands 2 VR brings the iconic world of Pandora to life like ...

RuneSR2 by Level 16
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Resolved! The Climb will not install

Sorry, it looks like your antivirus software blocked the install of The Climb.I bought the game not to long ago, and got this error saying that my antivirus blocked the isntallation of the climb, however, i don't have any antivirus on. It's disabled.

Minecraft wont start......

So Whenever i try to start minecraft in the oculus library it comes up searching for updates then the minecraft uwp app in the library tries to start up and gets stuck at a black and white loading screen. WHAT DO I DO...

Arktika.1 trophy 1 and 2

So how do I get these two trophies that are missing in Arktika 1. There are two slots up on the weapon rack but I haven't figured out for those items to appear. Are they findable in game somewhere? Also, did anyone clear Grade A achievement yet? That...

Can’t download purchased games

Bought an Oculus yesterday. Was able to download beat saber just fine but I can’t download Onward at all. Tells me my headset needs to be connected to the internet. My headset is connected to the internet. I downloaded an environment right before I t...

Gomer85 by Level 2
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Sharing apps

They have a two for one sale on the Drop Dead and Elven Assassin. I already have Drop Dead in my Quest 2 but I want Assassin. My grandson has a Quest 2 also is there any way to give him the Drop Dead app.

Resolved! What are LMGs

Hey thereMy challange in Population one is to do damage with a LMG. But what is a LMG?Thanks all

QUEST 2: Play the same game in pc?

so i bought beat saber inside the quest 2 and want to play it on pc using the link, but i was surprised that i have to buy it again in the store even though i already bought it inside quest 2 storedo i have to buy it again in order to play it on pc? ...

Oculus Device software

So my old Samdyng Oculus VR got damage a year ago and I'm about to buy another updated Oculus device. Is the new device going to use my old software that is on my and just update it or is it going to need all new and different software? Pretty much I...


So my Gear VR got damage a year ago and I'm about to bye a new VR set. I heard Dragon Front is gone or there is no new software.... but if it still on my phone can I still play it?