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Onward new update

Greatly improved visuals. Good job.But now I have to hold the grip key in order to hold the rifle? Inconvenient and breaks the immersion, since I am already holding the touch controller (and the stock). Please change it back or at least give us optio...

Can someone help me pick a game??

Hi all. I am game stalled at the moment. I was thinking of X rebirth but not sure..What do you think I should buy.. seriously.. not kidding I am not really getting into games at the moment..To give you an idea I am playing DDDA and that is about it. ...

Resolved! Do anyone plays Echo Arena in front standing mode?

Is front standing mode actually playable?I don't have 360° setup and can play only in front standing mode but I found that changing direction in this mode (by tumbstick) is very inconvenient and I feel myself clumsy, without any chance for skilled pl...

149 hours of play in Echo Arena <3

Tomorrow I'll probablly reach 150h. But I have this strange feelings. It's such as if Echo Arena is the ony real Killer Application on VR market today (and for free also), and I really have difficulty to consider any other games on par of it in therm...

Dan108_ by Level 5
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Assetto Corsa - quick tips thread

UPDATED - 22/05/2015I have spent most of the weekend trying to get AC to work well, and one of the most frustrating things is having to trawl through pages and pages of different threads about the subject - so, here are the things I have learnt and a...

Nosher by Level 4
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Welcome to Oculus - Remastered

If anyone remembers my old DK1/DK2 demo "Welcome to Oculus", then you may be interested in the Remastered version I created for the WEARVR remastered competition. I tried to preserve as much of the original experience as I could, while still updating...

VR game testers/feedback needed

Hi All,After publishing my latest game Bacon Roll last month, I haven't had that much feedback to help it progress. I'm polishing things that I want myself, but I'd love to get some feedback, reviews and comments from external sources, you, as well. ...

F1 2017, no VR? Common CodeMasters

I saw a thread on Steam about some people been annoyed that F1 2017 hasn't included VR. What is it with CodeMasters? They make an excellent job of implementing VR into Rally game and now they seem to have abandoned VR? I hope they change their minds ...

RedRizla by Level 15
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Robo Recall Mods

I hear there are some pretty good mods for Robo Recall. What are some of the best ones that you've tried? And is it worth learning how to mod it myself?

Where to go from here

Hello!So I've had my Oculus headset for a bit more than half a year, and despite the few bugs and compatibility issues, I've loved it. By now, I feel like I've milked everything that I can from free games like Robo Recall, Rec Room, etc. As of now, I...

OG content prices

Hi, newbie here, first post, so apologies if this has been asked already. I'm considering buying the OG but I can't seem to find a price list for the content available. I know there are some free downloads to be had, are they any good? So, can anyone...

merv60 by Level 4
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Impressions: Dead Secret (9/10)

Genre: Adventure / Mystery / Psychological HorrorSynopsisIn a rural Kansas town, an eccentric recluse has been found dead, and you are sure he was murdered. This story will be your big break as a journalist! You explore his house, and are drawn progr...

Oculus Rift reinstallation bibliotheque

Bonjour, a installé mon installateur mon Oculus sur mon pc avec windows 7, et j'avais telecharger pas mal de jeux (98go)Et je me suis Puis overview ya Qu'il pas mal de vais jeux de fenêtres Sie 10. demandait Fait j'ai fait l' installation de fenêtres...

can't install anything

(i dont use my English a lot soo sorry for the fault... ) hello , i just bought the oculus rift and totch and all was looking good exept when i want to instal /buy any game or apps ... i click on the button ¨install¨¨ but he look like i cant click on...

Games like XCOM for VR?

Is there a game like XCOM (Enemy Unknown) for VR? I know of Brass Tactics but I'm looking for a turn based game more like XCOM, not an RTS. I was playing XCOM 2 in stereoscopic 3D which looks incredible, but it made me wonder how it'd look in VR. It'...

Vic_ by Level 3
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The Eerie Inn

I need the combination for the safe. I have the first two numbers. I will take a hint or the numbers. Should be L6 L 2 L? R? L? for a total of 5. Where should I look for it? The id card does not make any sense to me. so If you hint is the card I need...

DTH by Level 7
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Chronos Combat

I bought Chrono's awhile ago and I haven't played much of it because I can't figure out the combat system. every time I get attacked from behind I can't figure out how to turn around and lock on to the target. I thought the left trigger did this but ...

In Death - pits of damnation

Hi folks.I was surprised about the suddenly approaching ghosts I cannot injure. The new update with the pits of damnation make me sick, because I don't unterstand how to kill the ghosts. Sometimes an arrow does damage, but mostly it doesn't. Even mag...

Lalle75 by Level 3
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Echo Arena match making dilemma

I think we all like to know the concept behind Echo Arena match making algorithmbecause when it put 3 player level 50 team against 3 player under level 35, it will eventually be a one side game, so I like to know the concept behind this, at least put...

Aymito2 by Level 4
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Blurry Text

Hello,I have a 4k monitor and the resolution is set to 3840 x 2160 with a 200% increase in text size.I launch Oculus, open big screen for example and my desktop is super blurry? I have set it to 1080p streaming, tried anti alias on off, turned of ref...

Cheap Force Feedback Controller for racing

My ol' Saitek R440 Force Feedback Steering Wheel from ye' olde Logitech is showing it's age - I have learnt to edit the registry every-time i use it - very boring!!!Is there another 'cheapo' ForceFeedback wheel for win 10 that works with Project Cars...