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GAY69 by Level 2
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Synth Riders not working?

Is anyone having issues booting up the game?I brought it today but it doenst boot (just goes back to the home screen) Ive already tried restarting,reinstalling, checking the firmware is up to date. I even checked permmisions for the app and enabled t...

Mission ISS orbit ?

Am i wrong or is the ISS suspended at a fixed point above earth in Mission ISS ?That would be much much cooler if it was actually following real ISS orbit no ? night, day, fliying above different parts of the world ....doesnt even have to be real ISS...

chboing by Level 2
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Merging Account Libraries

Hi there! So, my situation...I have a Quest 2 and a Rift S. My Quest 2 is logged in under my personal email and linked to my Facebook account. My Rift S is linked to my business email under an Oculus account and is NOT linked to a Facebook login. I u...

Adventure Time: Magic Man’s Head Games

if you liked luckeys tale you will like this, it's currently 79p in the year sale so get it bought.i just played the first level and i got my moneys worth alreadyit's basically luckeys tale but a bit less fleshed out, on the pls side it's got jake an...

Abe vr worried me

Watching Abe vr worried me first time. If you don't know what abe vr is a short term video of a computer generated ai called abe. In this video he talks about human weaknesses while your strapped to a chair. After a lengthy, he eventually cuts your h...

Star Wars VR Pinball unable to get to table

I purchased Star Wars VR Pinball the day it came out for the Quest 2. It looks amazing, but I can't seem to solve a problem. I've seen other users post about this on FB, YouTube, Reddit, etc., but haven't seen an answer. When I try to get myself to b...

DebraFi by Level 2
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Onward just refuses to download for some reason.

It just won't download. I've tried disconnecting from the wifi and restarting but all I'm getting from it is a little spinning circle. If I look away from this circle for too long it just shows my the download button again. I either need help or a re...

Resolved! Virtual Desktop says "not on same network"

So...I want to use VD for wirelessly streaming, but I'm suffering from an issue:My PC connects to wired router(which connects to wired work LAN).I also need to run an APP to log in with my work account so I can access the Internet.And my Quest connec...

Beat saber

Hello, I have the occulus quest 2 and I uninstalled beat saber because it wasn't updating and so the problem we had arise was how the updat doesn't work, you have to uninstall it. Then reinstall it for it to work, that shouldn't be the case. So was w...


I would like to reset my games back to zero so my son can play please tell me how

8 Ball Pool Comp - Sports Bar VR

8 Ball Pool Comp.Time Slot - Saturdays 9:30pm London Time on the EU Server (Join Discord and meet up with folks you'll know can play)Discord: NEW - 9 Ball Comp################Time Slot - Wednesdays 9:30pm London Time.EU S...

Monstaah by Level 5
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Journey of the Gods settings

When I first started Journey of the Gods there was an option for "Comfortable" or "Immersive" - I chose Immersive. This is the first game that is giving me some issues with feeling queasy, so I want to change the setting to "comfortable" but I can't ...

NERTS Card Game for VR

Can we get a NERTS game in production for the Quest2? It is a fun fast paced solitaire game that I think would work pretty well with VR. When I play with my family its the first person to yell out NERTS when you play your last card because we tend to...

Teacher can't buy apps for students Quest sets

I've started a VR club at our middle school using 15 of our Quest sets. I'm trying to standardize the apps and I've run into this problem. When trying to add my credit card to the 5th set I'm getting a message that says I have too many units associat...

Oculus: Enderal VR (Big Skyrim VR Story Mod)

For those who can't get enough of Skyrim VR, there is a VR Mod of Enderal: Forgotten Storys out there ! The Main Story of the DLC sized story mod of Skyrim is about 50 hours and has full german and english voice acting.I posted this here in the Oculu...

VR-Punk by Level 3
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VR Game localization project for academic purposes

Hello!I am studying a master about localization and audiovisual translation (media content translation and adaptation, subtitling, dubbing, etc.). I have to prepare a Final Master Degree Project and I woud like to translate and adapt a game for Spani...

Chronos stuck on loading screen?

Anyone seen this? Puzzle icon just spins indefinitely after creating a new character. Happened after a fresh install of Windows + Oculus + Chronos. Reinstalling Chronos now to see if that helps.

odkken by Level 2
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