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elite dangerous

Level 2

might want to look at staying away. after purchasing it through oculus, rift sand trying to jump through the hoops of running and registering. Oculus won't start the game because frontier say I do not have an account, although I can request changing my password on the account the claim I don't have and it changes it. but according to them I do not own the game and if I wish to play I must purchase it again. I'm tired of purchasing games from oculus only to not be able to play them. can't even try for the refund since oculus wants you to contact them and won't give you a way to do it.


Level 16

Ya, usually best to buy this from the Steam store.  Much less expensive and it often comes on sale for~$10.  Also, much more regular updates with the Steam version.


If you actually cannot get a refund from Oculus, maybe contact the developer and see if he will give you a Steam Key.

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Level 5

Hello There,

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with the game.
Please head to and submit a ticket so our team can investigate.