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iPhone app "GyroTroller" for Rift submitted to the app store

Level 2
I made an iOS app for the Rift and submitted it to the app store. Check it out at It's called GyroTroller. What do you all think?

Level 5
So there isn't any head tracking? It's a 3d side by side game that can be used with any 3d capable device?

I ask this because I didn't see a rift in the video, and your stereoscopic view was lacking the barrel distortion, which suggests this hasn't been optimised for the rift.

It looks like a nice game. But I'm not sure the rift implementation is up to the standard we have seen in other integrations.

Level 2
The ios device would need to be physically mounted to the front of the Rift. I was hopeful that a lightning extension cable from to MOGA to the AV adapter which would feed the Rift and connect to the iPhone would enable someone to use both the controller and the Rift, but as the video shows, a quick connect of the AV adapter to the MOGA blocks out the controller signals. A mounted iphone to the front of the Rift would give a "tales from the minus lab" experience for a rift user(lacking any meaningful navigation), unless you wanted to hold your hands up to the touch screen as it was connected to the Rift. Not an elegant solution, but perhaps a useful proof of concept on the road to a hopefully better solution. Two potential more permanent solutions (requiring hardware not in existence yet) : 1)Bluetooth ios game controller. Apple has announced support for this, but no manufacturers have stepped up to the plate. 2) wired game controller with HDMI out. I suspect that this is possible with the lightning connector, unless all the pins are spoken for with the high HDMI data rate. perhaps the audio channels could be commandeered for the controller input.

Level 5
I apologise for my previous post. Think I was in a bad mood. Yes, it's intriguing about using the lighting tv out etc. I have iphone and the tv out adaptor, so I will give it a go once my rift arrives next week.

An alternative is to mirror the output to Apple TV. Which I also have. That should free up the controller a bit. Again will have a play once I've got my rift.

Level 2
app Store in iTunes now with the new updates and details are available on official pages to how to find and play. is there is any 3d version of this one for the iphone 6s?

Apple iPhone 7 Price in Dubai

Level 4
Your link points to a google cardboard device, it should be

And it's not available in all countries, where exactly is it available ?
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