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medal of honor not installing

Level 2

Anyone having troubles with medal of honor not completing install on computer. message says sorry we couldn't install medal of honor.


Level 16

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond takes up about 175GB. Thus you need about 350 - 400GB free space to download and install the game. 

That's because first you download about 175GB, and then the games is installed - using another 175GB. First after the game has been installed, the download folder is deleted. 


When the game is installed - you need about 200GB free space to patch the game - because a full copy of the game is made when patching it. I have not patched my version 😉 Still works flawlessly. 


Make sure the download is not interrupted - just a few seconds with no connection will cause the Oculus app to terminate the download. I usually download such big games at night, when the wife and kids don't use the internet. 

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