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robo recall crashes on 1080 ti

Level 2
i used to own a 980 gtx. everything worked properly except super sampling was a no no.
i upgraded to an 1080 ti. almost all games are ok except robo recall when i touch the super sampling setting the game crashes without giving any info i get the unreal engine crash page were i can choose to send and restart or send and close.
another problem with arizona sunshine when i adjust the super sampling to 1.8 the frames per second are 90 there are no drops but when i move my head its like the camera is late thats the best way to describe it the camera doesnt move for a second.

all non VR games are ok performance is good no problems so far it's just these two games.

Level 2
Same here with a 1080ti. Touching the settings leads to a crash. Still the setting seems to be applied and is active after restarting.

Level 2
Sorry to revive this thread, but wanted to share my experience on this subject.  I had this issue with both the 1060 and 1070, but once I took myself off the beta, I was able to change the SS in the game and it not crash.  That leads me to believe it's an issue with the beta.