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when will oculus games license big names?

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Hey. So ive been having fun with the oculus quests for years. But I was wondering, what would be the main reasons that no big companies/names have developed games for VR yet? I keep thinking how amazing a good high budget pokemon game would be.. or Mario kart, etc. I’d assume a few reasons would be waiting for vr to go more mainstream? Maybe Waiting for better hardware? Has anything ever been officially stated about this topic? So many amazing ideas I can’t wait to see come to fruition in the future of vr


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Well more and more in the sim market seem to be jumping on board. The last big one I guess was Microsoft, with the hugely popular MSFS franchise. They added VR support shortly after release of MSFS 2020 due to the large number of virtual pilots outcry to have it.


In flight sims, DCS was one of the early ones to add it, followed by IL-2 Great Battles - both have a larger VR following that continues to grow. War Thunder has it, and it is extremely popular flight game. Many popular racing sims have also added it now.

Valve did an incredible job with Half Life Alyx, and we can hope they carry that forward with another one as well.

Lone Echo 2 from Oculus I believe is slated for by the end of the year, Lone Echo was widely popular as well.

As far as the AAA mainstays, they are still shy of doing it but I suspect as more time passes and more headsets come along that are even better that eventually will change. Just taking some time, more than certainly I thought it might. The big guns gotta be able to show a return on their investment.


What I would like to see by the "big guns", is rather than rolling the dice on a VR only release, start to release some of their AAA content as 2d along with VR support built in. Like MSFS 2020 did.