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Any good experiences with Fixed Foveated Rendering?

Level 2
Has anyone had a good experiences with Fixed Foveated Rendering? I have tried to enable it from time to time but has always disabled it in the end.

First times i tested it I got color issues. The parts with lower resolution got brighter so you could basically see the different areas clearly regardless what you were looking at. So, I had to disable it.

Last time I tested it, on Quest 2, the brightness issue seems to have gone away. But now everything vibrates inside the FFR areas. I guess things get worse since I am rendering point clouds so there is a lot of small colored dots everywhere. But it's soo bad I can't really use the feature. I didn't notice the resolution difference though so that is nice.

Oh and for me the difference between each FFR step were about 2-4 FPS. It would have been good to have in my program but vibrating picture gets annoying very quickly.

So has anyone been able to use it in production? Do you get it to work well with detailed things like text, nets, small points?