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Anybody have a Rift S to trade for a Valve Index?

Level 4
In 2017 Oculus sent me a Rift CV1 to work on my game (which is near AAA quality unique, amazingly different, but, like my music, or my paintings,  I am completely private about it, until ready to release.  That makes it hard to get hardware, support, funding etc.  But my ideas would be summarily stolen by anyone who is exposed,I woudn't even be able to blame them, for finally, it is something altogether new...
In early 2019 , Learning on forum that my CV1 had been having problems (and Oculus wasn't stepping in to replace or help) and exactly like Oculus did barck when,.Valve sent me an Index HMD (only) as a total surprise,  I was very excited and remain very appreciative, but it is so heavy,  the 'world'  jumps around so much,. STEAM is always 'experimental feeling',.  I MISS rock solid OCULUS,.   Everything just works...
So,  though it may seem strange, I'm willing to trade my perfect, barely used Index HD for a New (ish) Rift S.  I live near San Francisco,  it would be ideal to do a trade with someone local, .. If it helps to trust, I  have almost 3,000 youtube subscribers and am a long time CGI developer, youtuber.
I would love to apply for both a Rift S and a Quest (I have been maintaining lower rez versions of everything as I go, always doing all he John Carmac suggessted optimizations etc. I plan to release on both)  BUT I don't want to upload my game and ideas and everyting, to total stangers at the oher end of the dev portal.   It's too unique for that it will either be adopted, stolen, or even just INSPIRE other work, but then I will have lost the edge.
Sorry for writing so much,  I wanted to convey it is a real offer.,. I loved my CV1 for working long hours (I do most of my work actually in VR using Unreal VR editor.)  I am hoping the Rift S is as comfortable and light!  If you have a Rift S to trade, in the Bay Area especially,  please contact me via email (below)
Thank you!

Level 5
I have a rift s I am barely touching. It is still fairly new. I live in florida however

Level 7
To compare the comfort of the two: I have the CV1 and the Rift S. I could use my CV1 for hours upon hours without taking it off. I find that the Rift S is a little less comfortable (but not terribly so), and usually have to take a break every hour or so due to headaches or eyestrain. I'm hoping that when I get a facial interface pad it will help with this.

Level 2
I have a Rift S I can ship to you if you want?

Level 2
yeah i have a rift S if its possible i can ship it to you although its a little warn its still functinal and usable