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Audio Issues in Oculus Browser on Quest & Go

Level 4
I'm not sure if this is the right place to discuss this issue. If not, please point to the right place.

I'm working on some WebXR ideas using A-Frame version 1.0.4. I can a basic scene setup here. When the scene loads it starts playback on some ambient music. When I visit this scene in the Oculus Browser that ships with Oculus Quest and Go I can hear the audio when the page loads. Before I enter VR mode the audio sounds correct, but when I enter VR mode the audio is distorted. It's hard to explain what I'm hearing. I can still hear the music, but there is this constant cracking/static sound as well. If I "back out" of VR mode to the Oculus Home environment with the browser window, the distortion stops.

I'm not getting this audio distortion on any other platform. Audio is working as expected on all PC VR headsets and browsers that I have access to. It is also working as expected in Firefox Reality on Oculus Quest. From what I can tell, this issue has something to do with the built-in Oculus Browser.

Can anyone here provide any direction for addressing or further troubleshooting this issue. Is there a specific place I can file a bug report for the Oculus Browser team?