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Developer mode permissions

Level 2

I am brand new to the Occulus quest 2. Our school purchased some that are checked out like books to students. Recently a student asked if we could switch one of the four we check out (that are all logged into our schools FB account!)  to developer mode. 


As an admin who runs a computer lab my initial reaction is no way as things could be done at that level that would affect other users. Correct?


My questions are:

  • Would developer mode effect all of our four Occulus' or can the permissions be localized. So for example we have one a student could play with to learn from, so if they break things they don't break all?
  • Can I prune permissions in developer mode?
  • What does Developer mode allow?




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Reed-PARC,


Thank you so much for reaching out about developer mode.


To answer your questions: 

  1. It should affect just one device, but since there are multiple in question, there is also the possibility that it could affect all of them. 
  2. Once a device is in dev mode, all of the permissions for the device could be easily disabled. 
  3. Developer mode is mostly used for being able to upload content from a computer on to the Oculus device. 

There are a few things you'll need to do in order to complete the set-up process. 

  • Create or Join an Organization
    • Before you can put your device in developer mode, you must belong to (or have created) a developer organization on the Oculus Dashboard. 

  • Verify Your Account 

    • Confirm your mobile number and set up and SMS two-factor verification. -OR-

    • Add a payment method to the account. (Paypal Excluded)

  • Enable Developer Mode: 

    • In your headset, sign into the developer account you want to use for development.

    • Go to Devices in the Oculus Android mobile app.

    • Select your headset from the device list and wait for it to connect.
    • Select Developer Mode.
    • Turn on Developer Mode.
    • Connect your headset to the computer using a USB-C cable and wear the headset.
    • Accept Allow USB Debugging and Always allow from this computer when prompted on the headset.

Important Things to Note: 

  • Developer Mode is intended for development activities such as running, debugging and testing applications. Other activities could result in your account being limited, suspended or terminated. For more information, see Oculus Developer Content Guidelines.


If you ever have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us here.