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How can I change the default keyboard of the Oculus Quest?

Level 2
I'm trying to develop a new type of keyboard for Oculus Quest but I can't find any information related to the keyboard and where I can implement another one.
Someone knows how to do it? I will be very grateful if someone helps me.
Thank you

Level 2

Unfortunately, Oculus has not given us settings.  You can sideload a settings APK that's made specifically for a quest one or quest two. Some options don't work or are nuked by Oculus, such as the developer settings, but a lot of common things do work. Once installed and you pull it up, you can navigate to the language and keyboard section. Just like a normal Android and change the virtual keyboard, if there is another one installed. If you develop your own keyboard For quest, you'll probably have to Include a batch file Or other similar way which will do the switching or your average user will have to download settings APK to switch to your keyboard, and that's beyond most people, to be honest. Good luck, I hope you develop a good one. I hate the default. Oculus keyboard.I am too afraid to sideload one, though in case it doesn't work.