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How to open App Lab link in the store app on quest?

Level 2

There are app lab aggregators like:


But when viewing from quest browser app lab link opens the store web page instead of launching the store app. Is there a way to launch store app from browser? Is there an intent for app page activity?


Level 11

if your already in you click a game and it re-directs to a quest webstore page.


the reason you can't view them in the quest store is they are kept off intentionally because its not gone through the rigours of quest testing.


Yes, it opens a web page (screenshot 1). I wondered if it is possible to open the app page in the store app (screenshot 2) that you can find by searching the title. Here are the screenshots:

you can open it on the mobile app.  When i am on my phone, and i am looking through i can opt to open with oculus mobile app.

You just need to be signed in.

That is actually why I am asking. On a phone it asked me once whether or not I wanted to launch the app and now it opens automatically. It is strange that on the Quest the same functionality is either missing or undocumented.

its because of the warning that has to pop up.

I don't the quest knows how to display in the shop app.


The modal does show up in the Quest store app (in the previous screenshot I clicked it away as it obscures half of the page):