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I don't have "more setting" button to enable "developer mode"

Level 2

I tried to find the "more setting" option so i could turn on the "developer mode" option.
But i don't have it.

I am using Galaxy S9 plus as a mobile device.
Oculus quest as VR device.

And there is no such option as "more settings".

Someone can help me figure it out?


Level 2
The post above solves this. If the app is saying headset is nearby, you will not see the option. Click on your headset so it says Connected and the more options appears.

Level 2

It says connected on mine but still no "more settings option"

Level 2

Use the same WiFi for phone and Quest

Did you ever find a way to get to developer mode? I've wasted hours and hours trying to find an answer. All the youtube tutorials about sideloading from SideQuest give the same instructions (which don't work if you can't get to "more settings". I'm beyond frustrated. I think Oculus/Facebook hid the settings/more settings icons so you couldn't spend money elsewhere.

Do you have a developer account?  You can't enable developer mode without developer account.

Me and a friend have done this and still to no avail, the more settings option and developer options seem to just not exist at all