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I made a "Netflix" for Virtual Reality therapy. Where and how to spread the word?

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Steam Link


It's to make VR therapist more affordable and accessible to independent practitioners, in the hope to make it a more available form of treatment. The therapists who used it seem very satisfied and some have reported an actual increase in their healthcare efficiency. They like working with Vrerience basically for exactly the reasons it was intended for, which is great. Now it's available on Steam for use worldwide to make it even more accessible. No one needs to contact us to get Vrerience and everyone can manage their own content subscriptions at any time (also to contrast most VRT software out there).


Problem is how Vrerience is in a particular limbo between two very contrasting market orientations. VR is heavily game-oriented and so is Steam. Spread the word via Steam and typical VR news sites, and it'll mainly reach game enthusiasts. If I spread the word via platforms on healthcare and e-health, the association with gaming when people hear Steam and VR can raise confusion and risks people not taking it seriously.


Can I ask for some friendly advice on what we could do?


Hi Malintis, I don't have an answer for you but am very curious about the answer myself! Here we have the question of your product positioning, the delivery channel, and reaching the target market. This is a challenge currently in VR. 


It may be worth looking into Vive Business app store. At least, that is a channel with similar apps, but I don't know how big their market is, I think quite small.


Also, checking your Steam page, it says compatible with oculus rift. Can you update that to make it for Quest? Also, when I try to get past the EULA, there is no "accept" button, and I'm just stuck there so don't know how I can try the app. 


Perhaps you can get it onto App lab though?