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Native Adroid non-VR app displayed in VR when opened from Oculus UI

Level 2

I have developed a native android application that is being used as a configuration tool for a different Unity build application on the Oculus GO. It consists of a single activity with some interactable buttons. When first installing the application through adb commands I also force the main activity to open with a adb shell command. This opens the app in a 2d Oculus menu like view, as expected. When closed and opened again from the Unknown Sources, it once again opens as expected. 

However, when I send an intent to open said app from the aforementioned Unity application, the configuration app opens as being a VR app. Rendering over both eyes, making it unusable. It is now also recognized as an "app" where it shows the pop-up to close the app when pressing the Oculus button, whereas it didn't do that before. Now, when opening the app from Unknown Sources, it keeps opening as a VR app.


I feel like this has to do with certain flags given to the launch intent from either external applications or the Oculus UI itself, but I'm lost. Would love to hear the mechanics behind this and if we can get it so that the configuration app always opens as a 2d non-vr application.


With regards.