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OQ2 in school, all levels

Level 2

VR in schools is an important educational step. Meta/Oculus need to provide a way to handle this situation better than the business accounts. My suggestion: allow the creation of ONE FB-account for a large number (35, like a large class?) and charge 2x (?) price for each app but they can be used by every headset in the account. This would lead to more usage, perhaps less income at first steps for appdevs but they will hopefully gain from higher private usage by students.


Level 3

Hello, our high school just received (10) OQ2 and is attempting to identify and answer the same question.
How we can use (1) account across all 10 headsets.
Students should be able to access all the apps from one educational account. We do not want students accessing their own content because we have no control over what content students are accessing.
We understand multiple accounts can be linked to one headset, but this is not our objective.
When we receive more clarification or understanding of how to proceed we will update you here, please do the same.