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Oculus Browser: Inline stereographic content using <model> or z-depth on any roadmap?

Level 2

To view stereographic content on a web page in the Oculus Browser, one needs to exit the context of the web page and enter an 'experience' mode. This is a little like the ancient days of the web, when you couldn't see an image as part of the page layout, but had to launch a dedicated viewer app on the side instead (😀 showing my age).


Stereographic content, such as images with depth data, 3D models and simply DOM elements at various depths could be integrated into the page DOM, where they'd get the benefit of baseline accessibility features, user events and most importantly, the co-existence with other web content without having to switch out.


I saw WebKit devs are working on a <model> element for including USDZ models inline, as opposed to the hacky <a href> they've used for AR models up to now, but I can't seem to find any discussion or development on this in the existing headset context. Should Oculus Browser evolve in this direction, too.?


I find it'd be really interesting to further develop the spatial representation of content in the context of web pages as an evolutionary path, but it seems most interest is in fully immersive experiences. Am I alone?