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Oculus Go & Casting

Level 3
Does anyone know, or know how to find out if the Oculus Go will have screencasting in the way that was recently implemented for the GearVR?

Level 5
Hopefully not, because the current implementation has really buggy audio and a fixed streaming quality that a) causes delays & hiccups in the stream if the bandwidth fluctuates, and b) generates significant heat. I'm hopeful though; John Carmack mentioned previously that they're overhauling the entire streaming pipeline which IIRC should combine the best bits of Facebook livestreaming (good audio, lower heat) with Chromecast (lower latency).

Level 3
Hi, does anyone know if any casting solutions have been created by or endorsed by Oculus? Doesn't have to be to a television, could be to a laptop. 

Level 2
I just noticed that when connected to my Oculus Go, the Oculus app displays the local Chromecast device. Unfortunately, it bugs out when I attempt to click on it. The display under the Chromecast option will flicker with what appears to be video quality settings (low and standard) but it never actually lets me select it as a 'Cast to' option.qse2abjjbnw5.jpg