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Oculus Store / App Lab and external data downloading and streaming.

Level 2

Hi everyone,


I am currently working on a 360 video player app that will feature a bunch of different 360 videos that can be downloaded and if possible streamed. I did some test in Unity and created a streaming server to serve some 360 videos it seems to work just fine in the quest 2 🙂


I am trying to find out what is allowed and what is NOT on a app on the store or app lab.


I did read about IAP/DLC and OBB services from oculus.


I am trying to see if its allowed to :

Stream Video inside a app
Download videos and save them to the local storage (i assume its not and i will need to use DLC)
If its possible to download and save a JSON and some images to local storage,
I also assumed that the only way to have IAP going is to used the official API. (Only free DLC seems supported on the app lab)


If anyone could give me precisions on what is and is not allowed when it comes to external data download and stream.


Thanks a lot 🙂