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Quest's right speaker buzzing and humming (at times)

Level 3
So i post this here as i am not sure whether this is a Software or Hardware problem. And i just want to check if anyone knows anything.

Since yesterday my Quest's right speaker buzzes or hums loudly at times. It seems to start with start of an app (not the same app, and not always).
I guess i could have a faulty unit, but the fact that is seems to start with opening an app makes me think it could be a driver issue or something.
I only have my quest for few days now so i don't know if it always was like that and i just got lucky the first few uses. I only happens sometimes, but then it stays until i reboot. I'm on the latest update.

Has anyone ever experienced that or is that maybe known to staff?

Level 3
I've been noticing something similar - not humming/buzzing as much as distortion that comes and goes. Almost sounds like a loose connection. This is with my Unity build only - haven't noticed it in other apps.

Level 2
Had exactly the same once while playing Beat Saber.

Level 4
Yup same here, had it once playing Beat Saber as well.