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Usb debugging

Level 2

I have been trying to connect to sidequest and there things like that for a while now and i have watched many videos and it aways says it should Usb debug prompt you but it never does and i cant find out why


Level 3

That's how I managed to do on-device debugging with Unity:

Screenshot 2022-02-02 at 17.27.12.png

- “Development Build” 
- “Script Debugging” 
- Wait for Managed Debugger (Optional, but Recommended) 
- I’ve been using “Build and Run” option with Quest in “Run Device” (most likely also optional)
- As soon as you have your build on device you start it and it freezes if you used “Wait for Managed Debugger” so you can start debugging from very beginning of the flow 
- In IDE go to something like "Run -> Attach To Unity Process -> Select your App (works with WiFi too)"
- Use your Headset and press Volume Up or Down to confirm start of Debugging 


Level 13

3 Itmes you need to do:

  1. Make sure you created a developer account using the following link
  2. Make sure with the phone app active and the quest 2 on go into device settings on the device and enable developer mode, then restart the headset
  3. Ensure you have adb drivers installed on your pc.

Load up sidequest first on the pc, and close out of the oculus pc app all the way (close the oculus service in task manager)

With the quest 2 on and side quest active plug in the usb cable.


A prompt will come up and it will ask you to accept the rsa key. Basically its a 20 digit hex code that shown in the headset, use the touch controllers to accept it.


And thats it.