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Not receiving remittance payments anymore

Hi,I'm a long time developer for the Gear VR and Oculus GO. I have a paid game on the Oculus Store which I released in 2017. I used to receive my payments once they passed the $100 threshold. However, I noticed that, since sometimes last year (or may...

Latest Oculus Integration not available in Archive

Hello world!Why is the latest Oculus Integration Package v29.0 from May 2021 not available for download on the Oculus Archive page?I want to upgrade my Unity package but importing via Unity Asset Store is not an option (as the project was started via...

muhr2 by Level 2
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Bonjour, Lorsque j'importe des photos panoramic 360 3D 8K dans mon Quest 2, la qualité des images est flou dans l'application TV, et non visualisable dans l'application Files en V29. Avez-vous une astuce pour les voir en qualité optimale? Mercin

Not working Axis1D after update

Good day for you, if it's a good day at all:(I'm a developer, programming in Unity3D 2019.3.8f1 and use Oculus Rift S and appropriate software from Oculus. Some days back, when I receive another UNNECESSARY AUTOMATIC update (which I can't OFF) of Sof...

uchteh by Level 2
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Collecting payment outside App Lab

I thought I read that Oculus won't allow us to collect income/payments for app lap apps outside of the Oculus platform without some kind of agreement with them. But I can't seem to find that, and I just now ran across this post that says we can sell ...

Developer "TERMS OF SERVICE" - Implementation

Hello,While submitting the game for Quest, developers have the option to submit their "TERMS OF SERVICE". But when the user downloads the game on Quest, there's no option to accept the developer "TERMS OF SERVICE". Is there a way to implement this wh...

In Need of Beta Testers

I have recently released a game named MonteCube and it was approved for keys. I received no feedback on why this occurred for the content review. Please comment below if you would like to test out the game for free and give me feedback on your experi...

jo78970 by Level 3
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Resolved! Geo-blocking in Oculus Store, possible or not?

Hi, We are prepping our first VR-film for release in the Oculus Store (App Lab and Rift), but we still have the film circulating on festivals and that raises concerns of releasing it world-wide in the store. Coming from the film industry I'm quite us...

petterl by Level 2
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USB debugging on second account

Guys I’m using my cousins account as my main account so I can play his games. But I want to also side load games on my account which is the secondary on my headset. There’s a notification that tells me that when I want to use USB debugging on my acco...

KIFO-_- by Level 2
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I need a new right controller 2

I gotten no response so I’m reposting this ive tried some many things to make it so that I stop randomly moving too the right in games were I can move freely can I just get a new right controller or a new oculus?

Enhance Ability To Communicate

Symbolism is awell-known idea in logo designing industry because it enhances the youtube logo maker ability to communicate. It plays a vital role in delivering the message that alogo is supposed to resonate. For instance, having a sign of cross for a...