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Oculus Developer account manager

Sorry for bringing this here. I would really appreciate someone from Oculus team to reach out to to touch base and provide Oculus store support. We can't do much with our current manager K. Any help would be highly appreciated.

OVR Platform Util Weird Error

Hi guys, When i run "[...]\Assets\Oculus\VR\Editor\Tools>ovr-platform-util help", i get the following error: node:fs:585handleErrorFromBinding(ctx);^Error: UNKNOWN: unknown error, open 'D:\full-fbsource\arvr\js\node_modules\yargs\locales\en.json'←[90...

Quest 2 and Bluetooth connectivity issues

Hello community, I have a question regarding Bluetooth connection to the Quest 2 headset. I'm trying to connect some devices with Bluetooth receivers to the Quest 2 Headset. The results have been somewhat inconsistent. When paired properly, it should...

Can't Log In On PC App

When I log into my developer account on my browser, it works just fine. But when I try and log in using the actual app so I can connect my headset to my PC, it says the email/password is incorrect. I've made sure that the credentials that I use for b...

Oculus Browser Release Notes

I primarily develop WebXR apps for the Oculus Browser and try to keep an eye on any new standards and features being implemented in the Oculus Browser that may effect my workflow. This involves reading the release notes for each update. Currently on ...

Resolved! Collecting payment outside App Lab

I thought I read that Oculus won't allow us to collect income/payments for app lap apps outside of the Oculus platform without some kind of agreement with them. But I can't seem to find that, and I just now ran across this post that says we can sell ...

oculus developer hub lag

when i open the oculus developer hub there is a extreme amount of lag to the point where it freezes, i spent all months working on a game and it just gets thrown in the trash like this,

Oculus Home inventory reset ?

Hi , i ve been testing a lot of importations in oculus home,and all went well untill a december oculus malfunction had me run the repair tool and i reinstaled all . Since then my home inventory bugs when i parse the imported items folder, wich still ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Distance Grabbed Object Jitter

Hi All, I am using DistanceGrab sample scene from Oculus Integration version 42.0. After the cube is grabbed and the player moves, there is a jitter of the grabbed object (video attached). How can I resolve this? There was a similar post earlier, but...

How to publish my Art Gallery experience

I have created a virtual reality experience with a art gallery filled entirely with paintings and photos created by artificial intelligence. Possibly the first of its kind. I would like to publish this so that other people can install and experience ...

App unreleased and we can't release it again

Hi all, We are developers of Shave&Stuff (ID 7532973430077887) and we are desperate, because our app was unreleased on Aug 17, whereas there was a true hockey stick growth during the days before. We didn't receive any email from Oculus explaining the...

Quest Multiplayer Session Client cant join.

Hi, we are developing a multiplayer game for Quest 2. Since yesterday morning 10.08.2022 when you create a session everything looks ok but when client tries to join it he gets "60s connection timeout" in logs and game restarts itself after those 60s....

Accessing unknown sources file path

Hello everyone i'm using the oculus Go headset , and i want to open a game which i created with only coding and in order to do that i need the game's file path , where it has been downloaded in the headset in this case in unknown sources , but i don'...

RoySh97 by Level 2
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