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Scale in VR issue

Hello! Meshes in VR are perceived much less than in reality. Meshes were made in Maya in natural size, exported to fbx (meters). In Unity, Scale factor 1 (1 m File = 1m Unity).For example, the height of the Reichstag is 47 meters. All sizes are corre...

Is it worthwhile to develop for oculus store?

Greetings to the developers!I am in doubt if it is worthwhile to develop for oculus store. Would anyone know how to talk about monthly sales of the best-selling titles in the store? Is it financially worthwhile for these big studios?

bravooo by Level 2
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How do I delete ghost inventory?

Hello all,Introducing myself as a beginner developer.... or kid in a candy store I was able to upload a couple of items that should not have made it past your rules. Support chat (shoutout for their help) had me do a manual uninstall in safemode. Th...

Kept by Level 2
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Changed LED positions in Touch?

So, just got a mail from a customer receiving a replacement controller from Oculus, claiming the new controller have a different placement of LEDs, turning our protective Mamut Halo unusable.While I find this very unlikely, and without any update to ...

MamutVR by Level 2
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"Approved" - but not on store and no keys

Hi -We got a notification that our app "AVATOUR" was "Approved (keys only)" on March 4. On March 9th we got an email notice that we passed "Content Review." Our dashboard shows "Submission Status: Approved." Yet, the app doesn't show in the store, an...

Can't access Oculus Start forum (Solved)

A week ago I got accepted into Oculus Start, and was really excited! Unfortunately, I still can't access the private forum and my Unity Plus key doesn't work. I already replied to the email, explaining the problems. A week later and I still haven't h...

Medium's Mixed Reality Shopping List

I gave a talk at Oculus Connect 4 where I talked about how Oculus Medium does its mixed reality implementation, and I promised attendees I'd share our shopping list of the actual equipment we used, because we tried to be pretty scrappy about it - for...

bhsharp by Level 4
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Virtual Reality and Visual Impairment Simulation

Hi Everyone,I have posted this question elsewhere but thought it might be better here. I am a teacher for children that are blind/partially sighted and would really like to use the Oculus to simulate vision loss/ types of visual impairment. I think t...

dpd123 by Level 2
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Single eye modification of resolution/frame-rate

Is there any means to modify only one eye for a lower frame-rate, resolution, or brightness/contrast. If so it would open up a lot of possibilities for vision therapy. If you know any commands to run to modify one eyes variable for those I would appr...

February Tech Updates (2/5/19)

The latest updates from the Oculus Software, Integrations, and Docs teams are now live. This month's major updates include the launch of Oculus Rift livestreaming, the introduction of a new Audio Propagation package to our Audio SDK, and more!Read mo...

mouse_bear by Oculus Community Manager
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Gesture Recognition AI

I've been working on a gesture recognition AI which trains any gesture (whether from your hand or a controller) in about 30 seconds. It's been tested for VR extensively, and also works with Android (as well as any other motion data). There's a Unity ...

cant install a certain game

Ive installed a game on my Oculus a mouth ago and Ive been playing it. But since then Ive had some issues with my PC. So I had to reset my PC back to factory and reinstall everything. I got all my games back on my Oculus except one (from other suns) ...

Oculus Custom Hands - Stutter

I am trying to implement custom hands, for some reason it stutters / lags. I set the frame time to 90fps which helps a bit but still way too laggy. I have searched online for a long time and can not seem to find any answer.To be more specific, it is ...

Align VR world to real world or to guardian system

Hi all, We have a demo room wit a size of 5 by 10 m. We're developing a multi-user VR experience for this demo room using the Quest. For all quest devices, we will be setting up the guardian system according to the full room boundaries. I want to cre...

BAM_VR by Level 2
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In-App Purchase

Is the IAP limited to only $199.99 or can it be higher than that? Does oculus allow third party purchase gateway? Am I allowed to sell real items? Thanks!

zagoh by Level 2
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ovr_GetPerfStats is empty

I'm running v1.8 SDK and am unable to upgrade at the moment.Everything seems to be working in my implementation but I am unable to query the statistics for reporting.I am already calling ovr_GetPerfStats() directly after ovr_SubmitFrame() like so: re...

How to disable support for Gear VR?

Hy. Im a developer on a vr application that uses oculus. Currently we support the devices Gear VR and the Oculus GO. But after the update of the oculus sdk we want to disable the support for the Gear. In the settings of the app (In oculus) I desellec...

Payment method

The app will not let me enter my visa at all and is saying that there is an error doin it and I have also tried other cards in my household and they have not worked

Oculus presence on world territory?

After a year of work, my application was finally approved on the store.What I'm noticing from the sales is that they mostly come from the USA, and some from England and Germany.But the rest of the world? How is it possible that purchases only come fr...