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Oculus Quest hand tracking?

Is there any hand tracking for Oculus Quest like Vive Hand Tracking using only device front camera? Or any way to do hand gesture in Oculus Quest ?

PlayoVR still works! :D

Hello everyone,I was just working with Photon (PUN) for some multiplayer networking stuff and I thought I would mention for anyone who might be interested that PlayoVR for VRTK still works even though it hasn't been updated in a while. If you aren't...

Login with facebook

We are building an app that has user registration, we wanted to see if it is possible to allow login with facebook on the application? We tried using the iOS / android one and it opened a web view with an error and not possible to interact.Does anyon...

hjalali by Level 2
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Pair Oculus controllers programatically

Hello crew,I'm guessing if it's possible to make the oculus pairing programmatically. I tried it through a custom android app using the bluetooth framework and I could only pair with an oculus go controller but without luck connecting to it. At the m...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Rift DK2 in 2019

Hello everyone.Is there anyone who still uses this?What's your hardware and software configuration? (OS, gpu, oculus runtime, graphic drivers)I am having random black screen issues on the headset and I need to solve them asap for work. My specs are:c...

Oculus Browser Vulkan Support

Performance in WebVR is critical to comfort. Apparently the Vulkan API offers closer access to the hardware. Is the Oculus Browser considering supporting Vulkan to improve WebVR performance?

Terms of participation in boot camp

Good afternoon. We are a team of VR developers from Russia. We would like to participate in The Oculus LaunchPad 2019 Scholarship Program. Is possible to be a part of yhis program if we are not citizens of the United States?

Launchpad excludes non-Americans.

I was very excited to apply for the Launchpad program, which incidentally was my only chance of attending OC6 due to the late date announcement. (Flight prices)But now i find out that the program is only open to citizens of the US and Canada. That's....

SDK Oculus for IOS Mobile

Goodnight.Sorry for the inconvenience, I need to make an application in IOS to monitor and control videos on the Oculus Go device. Then I explain basically how the application would work: Example: the application on the IOS device must send the video...

How Insert 3d model with script into oculus home

Hi, i'm working on a project with my mates. We want to put 3d models with script on our home but for the moment we only arrive to import models, but nothing more. We played a bit with the longbow and the gun. We tried sabers and we wanted to do the s...

Koalazz by Level 2
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Issue with OVRInput.Get()

Hello ! Yesterday, I was using the function OVRInput.Get() (On unity), to get a value between 0 and 1 when the index button of the RTouch is Trigger, like that : float res = OVRInput.Get(OVRInput.Axis1D.PrimaryIndexTrigger, OVRInput.Controller.RTouch...

Bug Tracker being ignored?

Hi there!I'm seeing several developers complaining about lack of responsiveness to bugs filed on the Bug Tracker. Indeed, it's been several weeks since anyone has offered any support.This seems disappointing for a company the size of Facebook/Oculus....

Oculus Home, rewards notification collection.

Hi, I have used the Rift for a few years now and since upgrading to the Rift S I am only just now getting around to having a crack at personalising my Home room. It has taken me hours to collect all of the rewards/glowing cubes you throw down to coll...

App changed to incompatible

We have a couple of apps on Alpha Channel so our client can validate. Everything was working fine, but now some of them changed to incompatible and cant be installed or used. Any idea whats causing this?

Oculus SDK License

Hi all, I'm working on a project for my thesis in Unity. My project is a VR application. Can i use freely the scripts in the SDK? May I have some problem in future?


Hey folks,I am currently working on an app which will feature in app purchases of videos. Is there a way I can offer a subscription service where after paying a monthly/yearly fee my customers can watch say 3 videos a month for free? If so, how would...

OVRPhysicsRaycast where is it called from?

I am sorry if this question is formulated incorrectly but I am trying to track down how OVRPhysicRaycast works. Specifically I am trying to force the spherecast function to be used rather than the raycast. I am trying to use the built in Unity event ...

plyrek by Level 4
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How can you do realtime testing on the Quest?

We are working on building a game and the dev team mentioned each time they need to test something small they need to compile the whole game and test it on the Quest only to see minor edits are needed, this takes a lot of time. We are actually lookin...

hjalali by Level 2
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