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I need a new right controller 2

I gotten no response so I’m reposting this ive tried some many things to make it so that I stop randomly moving too the right in games were I can move freely can I just get a new right controller or a new oculus?

UE4 Leaderboards in Blueprint

I'm trying to implement a simple leaderboard. I can write and read a value but I can't see how to pass an array to ReadLeaderboardInteger node in UE4 4.21. Is this really possible? The node only takes a Player Controller and a Stat Name as inputs. Ad...

GRINKE by Level 3
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Incoming: New Forums!

In the next month, the Oculus Developer Forums will be migrating to a new provider: Khoros! We are moving to Khoros to provide a more stable, connected, and streamlined experience. You can read more about this change here:

mouse_bear by Oculus Community Manager
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OvrAvatarPacket size

Hi, I began using the Avatar SDK and I'm sending OvrAvatarPackets accross the network.I noticed that this packet size is sometime reaching 340+ bytes... With the recommended 1200bytes per-packet limit how can, let's say a 4 players game, with others ...

Family share feature

Is there any update on how to complete family share? I am aware the secondary account must be under the main account, (with 2 facebook accounts) however I can not find any way to actually do this.. I know the feature was supposed to roll out 2/13/21


Hello, I have a question about installing add-on. I wonder if it is possible to install an add-on (patch) to the game downloaded from the Oculus store. Add-on would be downloaded from our site directly, not from oculus store. Is this possible or does...

Alpha Channel

Hi, I published an app in the alpha channel and invited a test client. The test client got the invite mail and sees the app in her oculus account, but not on her Quest 1. There is no app in the section "Not installed". On my Quest 2 everything is wor...

ireneRK by Level 2
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Using the Quest 2 as a Video source on your pc

I like many people have recently gotten a Quest 2 as well as a Link cable, on its own the Quest has the ability to record, stream and cast its content wirelessly. However due to potential unreliability's with wireless streaming or casting I was wonde...

Patch for game

Hi, I would like to ask if it is possible to install a patch on a game downloaded from the oculus store? It would be a patch that a user could download from another website, so they would not install it through the oculus store. Is it possible ?

how can I delete my development account ?

I think I have set this up wrong as my dashboard looks different to my sister's dashboard. On her headset she has a friend list on the right hand side and a few other options on the left side of the main window that I don't have. When I try to remove...