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Samsung Gear VR Controller

Hello. I have a problem using samsung gear vr controller in my 3d graphics application. Can I get some data from it by Bluetooth Low Energy protocol and if I can, how?

PD2 by Level 2
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Questions about the usage conditions of Lip Sync.

I am considering whether to use "Oculus LipSync" for game development.I want to ask some questions.Q1.Is it safe to use in games that are not submitted to the oculus store?Q2.I'm thinking about changing some c # sources.Do I need to be notified of ch...

Accepted into Oculus Start! Forum Badge and more...

Hi, I just recieved an email informing me I was accepted into Oculus Start! Thanks so much! I can't wait to get working.How am I able to get my forum badge? and how do I "let us know you want access to the Oculus Start private forum". Sorry if this i...

Osac_ by Level 2
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Questions about the organization creation

First of all, I want to say that I wanted to try programming some demo games for the quest and to do tests on my Oculus Quest I need an organization.The Question´s:Can the name of the organization be changed after creating the organization? (In the c...

DerNiki by Level 2
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About Product Comparison

Hello, I want to develop the application for Oculus. But I have questions to ask. Which Oculus is best for developers? Oculus Quest or Oculus Rift S? Are all downloadable SDKs compatible for all?


Need help! My son wants Oculus rift for Xmas ...I have no idea if his pc is compatible- so confused by the pc lingo..does anyone know if the Stormforce Onyx AMD 200GE Processor, 8Gb RAM, 2Tb Hard DriveWould be ok for Oculus rift?Any help greatfully r...

Alternatives to Android Studio ? VS2017 maybe ?

Hi,given that nowaday at least the Community Edition of VS is available for free ( and/or some people may have legit copies of VS cause they work on other things too ) I was wondering if there's any way to develop on Oculus using it, I heard about so...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus start question for quest

Hey so was thinking about applying for the oculus start for the quest as currently make games and experiences for the rift that my friends / family love The draw back is they arent quite amazing enough to go on the oculus store for the quest I doubt....

Obfuscated files Oculus

Hi! I want to protect my app from being hacked. Can I obfuscated files provided by Oculus in my application, with the help of special programs, or is it illegal?

package does not exist

I updated our engine to 4.23 last week, and ever since then I have not been able to package the game for Android. Packaging failes in the file with the error: "package,svclib does not exist"Anyone know what causes this or...

Some guidance in a VR Project

Whats going on people. I need some help and guidance on a project i was tasked.I figured to come to a forum to ask for help. Im looking to do a basic project for VR. My plan is to create a 360 video and at the end of that video have a menu pop up sel...