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Oculus screen casting in custom web application

I'm trying to create a web application (for PC) that will display the screencasting from Oculus Quest. I don't want to create any native application for oculus to catch the stream, so I tried 2 approaches:Create a webpage for Oculus with screencastin...

sseget by Level 2
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OSP version V1.64.0

Hello everyone, I have installed OSP VST version V1.64.0 and don't see REVERB & REFLECTION settings. Could you please help me get the version with the same settings as shown in the attached screenshot ? I'm using /Reaper DAW/Windows 10 if it make sen...

asketa by Level 2
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Can we use OVR for client projects?

Not sure I understand the license terms correctly, so just want to be sure before, unintentionally, breaking the license terms. Can we use OVR in client projects? I.e. We build various projects Unreal Engine for clients and we'd like to use features ...

Remote Logging for development

I'm targeting quest 2 development with godot. I'm looking for a way to get logs remotely from multiple headsets. Especially for bug collection later on in production? Do folks just integrate BugSnag/etc?

Not able to upload a build to the app - PWA

Hey all, when I try to upload a build / APK to the app I created (it should be PWA), It shows errors like: 1. APK has no main activity defined in the manifest 2. GLES version not specified 3. The focus aware manifest meta-data tag should be set with ...

velidd by Level 2
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Blender file for Oculus Hands?

Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone here has a Blender file for the Oculus Hand Component base mesh (used as default hands for Oculus VR hand-tracking)? Or knows where I might be able to get one? I have the FBX file from the Oculus branch, but am not goo...

Regular Play area not found / reset

I'm doing VR dev work and my setup has been roughly fine for about a year. Recently something with the Oculus app has changed on my desktop where I seem to have to reset the floor and play area a few times a day. I generally set it to ignore the play...

ovr-platform-util on Linux

Is there a linux version of the OVR Platform Utility Command Line Tool?Or maybe source code so we can build it ourselves? This would be super useful to run the to...

Oculus SSO - Account Linking

I'm really new to the Oculus developer community. I want to let users of my web site to login with their Oculus accounts(Like login with Facebook, twitter , Google). I found this documentation related to SSO

Oculus Account Linking

Good afternoon!We implemented linking between our web app account and Oculus account as described here: This process stopped working after Facebook account requirement. None of the ...

Meta Avatars: how to feed custom input?

Hi, I'm prototyping with the new Meta Avatars system and am using the SampleAvatarEntity script to instantiate fake avatars. I'd like to replay head pose, controller states, and/or hand states (positions) in order to drive these avatars from pre-reco...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Game Under Review for 6 Months

The title pretty much tells it all, my game has been under review since December. I've been through 5 different tickets that all end in either "We have notified the review team" or radio silence. They asked for an image of the submission and all is i...

Buwubi by Level 4
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Rotation components - Yaw, roll, and pitch

When using the scripting tools in Horizon Worlds, the code blocks "Yaw of rotation", "Pitch of rotation", and "Roll of rotation" do not appear in the operations tab of the scripting code blocks panel. These code blocks are used in assets named free s...