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Huge request that most devs will agree with...

So I've been using the Oculus Utilities for Unity off and on for the past couple of months. So far it's worked great, but I think most of us Unity devs can agree that we would like to see a more bare bones sdk. Maybe I'm missing something here, but t...

compilation - apk unity file

Hello everyone ... I guess my question is something basic. I have built an app in unity and I want to upload it to oculus. Once I create the plication and when I go to the compilation panel I try to upload the compilation but I do not recognize any f... > Manage login issue

heya I've been having this issue for a few days now with the login for the manage area of the website. I go to login (using old school username / email and password not a linked Fb account). I get an email saying unexpected logi...

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Can't Remove All Oculus Achievements

I'm trying to remove all Oculus Achievements a user has gotten for debugging purposes. So I go to my browser and put this into the URL:||;However it's giving me this error message:"err...

Github ?

Is there any chance Oculus will be creating Github repos of the various SDK downloads? I find it pretty handy myself (I like to surf repo code sometimes to examine APIs without firing up an IDE), and it would facilitate development if we can all jump...

Oculus Dash and Software Applications

Greetings. I’m looking at Oculus Dash and considering some scenarios. I would like for some of the 3D content of software applications to be 3D in Oculus Dash. I would like for users to be able to gesture for some 3D content to lift off of the page o...

Oculus Go - what is its performance like?

Hadn't seen any clear answers on this yet, though I understand it's slightly early: Do we know if the Oculus Go's performance is equivalent to some other Galaxy device? Is targeting a Galaxy S6 still the right thing to do in order to have apps workin...

drash by Level 7
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Is it possible to use Rift standalone?

Im trying to choose proper vr platform to develop patches for old games and 3d simulators (not for gaming), so one of requirement is to be able to install everything on clean PC without internet connection and run it just fine, without some dependenc...

6DOF Pen Project

Hi everyone,I’m working on a new tool tracking project using Rift + Leap Motion. The idea is to build a 6DOF pen that works on any surface. For example it lets you “write” on a physical table while you have a VR headset on. I think this gives the bes...

Displaying an image pair on the rift

Hello,I have a stereo image pair generated by a simulated environment (Blender, on Linux) where two cameras are placed side by side, separated by the same distance than a pair of eyes. The two images are fused in one image, with the two images side b...