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can i set up a oculus quest using a samsung s3 tablet? i dont have phone

Level 2
can i setup quest using tablet


Level 5
Any iOS or Android device that can run the Oculus app can be used to setup the Quest or Go.

Level 2
OK, our Oculus Quest devkit arrived - What is the setup procedure, I'v installed Oculus app on the phone and the only devices I can pair is Oculus Go or Oculus Rift, there is no Oculus Quest. The app does not detect one using bluetooth ... I'v powered the Quest DK and it only displays the welcome screen with information to install Oculus app - is there any documentation for this ?

Level 3
I have the same problem. I've tried both URL that come with the hardware. Kit is a broken link and Docs goes to a blank page.

Level 3
Based on another thread by @Allack, it looks like this is resolved when the account is authorized by Oculus.

Level 2
I totally have same question. I have buy a Oculus device and I want to know how to use it in ios.