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ovr camera rig not working

Level 2

I wanted to use hand tracking in VR using oculus quest 2.

When I connect the VR headset using XR rig camera, it worked fine. But it is not working when I use OVRCameraRig.

When I hit the play button, nothing is playing in my oculus headset, but there are no errors. 


Does anyone have any ideas why the OVRCameraRig is not working?


I update unity2021.1.23f and download XR interaction toolkit 1.0.0, XR plugin Management 4.1.0, oculus xr plugin 1.10.0, openXR plugin1.2.8 packages.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey yejincolor,


This question might be better suited for the Oculus Developer forums which can be found here.


That said, if you are able to find out what the issue during your research and tinkering, please feel free to post more information for other users in the future.