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360fly vs Samsung Gear360

Level 9
Not sure if anyone here has used either of these cameras before...

Sams Club has the Gear360 on sale for $270 this week, then I went and found the Fly360 at Walmart for only $150

Not sure how well either of these would work, I am reading some reviews and comparing specs. Another question is how easy it is to access pictures and video with the Rift (Through Virtual Desktop?)

Anyone have 360 camera experience or feedback that can help me determine if buying either of these cameras is worth it? I have a Rift CV1, and don't have a Gear VR or a phone that would work with one although I do have a number of basic android based VR HMD's for mobile use.

Level 16
I made a huge post about the 360Fly 4K somewhere on this forum. I have used it extensively for real estate purposes. And I wrote software around the 360 images to create a MobileVR walkthrough of homes using WebVR and A-Frame.

The quality of the images simply isn't that great for professional services. I am looking at cameras that offer something better. Plus, the blind spot of the 360Fly is problematic.